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adidas Boston Indoor Games
Feb 1, 2003 at Reggie Lewis Center, Boston MA
Live TV on ESPN2 - the meet's web site -

USATF Golden Spike tour stop includes high school elite miles

High School Elite Miles
Lindsay Donaldson 5:11.46, Victor Gras 4:19.78


by John Carroll

These races were run just after the TV show (and Regina Jacob's WR at 1,500m).

The boys mile belonged to junior Victor Gras (Belmont). The first 400 was
passed in 66.2 with Sean Quigley (Archbishop Williams) the leader. At 500
meters Gras moved into the lead ad stayed there. He refused to let anyone go
by. He passed the 880 in 2:12.4 and the 1320 in 3:18.5. Then the pace
picked up and 150m from home a challlenge came from Nate Goodman (Wellesley).
Gras soundly beat that off and cruised up the home straight with a solid win
in 4:19.78. Goodman ran 4:20.86, while Phil Shaw of Andover nipped sophomore
Chris Barnicle of Newton North in 4:21.29 to 4:21.43. Mike Grant of St.
John's Prep was fifth in 4:22.90.

The girls in the meet had never been in a big race before and were rather
reserved when the race began. Finally, Lincoln-Sudbury junior Lindsay
Donaldson moved into the lead. She passed 440 in 79.7 and just kept
increasing her lead with times of 2:39 and 3:57. The pack was well back.
Donaldson's winning time was 5:11.46. Meanwhile, freshman Allyson Rinderle
of Amherset Regional broke away from the field and sprinted home with a


Girls 1 Mile Run High School
   Name                         Team                         Finals
 1 Lindsay Donaldson            Lincoln-Sudbury             5:11.46
 2 Allyson Rinderle             Amherst Regional            5:15.40
 3 Karen Proulx                 Attleboro                   5:21.16
 4 Christine Laakso             Fitchburg                   5:24.76
 5 Meredith Leenhouts           Franklin                    5:27.67
 6 Gina DeFilipo                Peabody                     5:29.09
 7 Heather Driscoll              Falmouth                   5:30.56
 8 Betsey Littlefield           Wellesley                   5:33.04
 9 Pam Rosato                   Bromfield School            5:37.38
10 Samantha Robbins             Franklin                    5:42.07
11 Kylynn McKinley              Marblehead                  5:47.74

Boys 1 Mile Run High School
   Name                         Team                         Finals
 1 Victor Gras                  Belmont                     4:19.78
 2 Nick Goodman                 Watertown                   4:20.86
 3 Phil Shaw                    Andover                     4:21.29
 4 Chris Barnicle               Newton North                4:21.43
 5 Mike Grant                   St John's Prep              4:22.90
 6 Matt Clark                   Barnstable                  4:23.95
 7 Sean Quigley                 Archbishop Williams         4:25.17
 8 Ian Marcus                   Amherst Regional            4:30.39
 9 Dan Beardslee                Newton South                4:30.60 


Chris Barnicle, Newton North
Victor Gras, Belmont
Mike Grant, St. John’s Prep
Matt Clark, Barnstable
Eric Critzer, Falmouth
Nick Goodman, Watertown
Sean Quigley, Arch. Williams
Phil Shaw, Andover
Dan Beardslee, Newton South
Ian Marcus, Amherst Reg. A
Meredith Leenhouts, Franklin
Heather Driscoll, Falmouth
Karen Proulx, Attleboro
Betsey Littlefield, Wellesley
Christine Laakso, Fitchburg
Pam Rosato, Bromfield School
Samantha Robbins, Franklin
Kylynn McKinley, Marblehead
Gina DeFilipo, Peabody
Allyson Rinderle, Amherst Reg.
Lindsay Donaldson, Lincoln-Sudbury

Live TV on ESPN2 from 6-7 pm Saturday

Master's Mile 5:00 PM
Women's 3000 Meter Run 5:10 PM Women's Pole Vault 5:30 PM
BAA Kid's Relay 5:25PM
College Men's DMR 5:35PM
Opening Ceremony 5:48PM

Women's 60 Meter Hurdles 6:01PM
Men's 800 Meter Run 6:12 PM
Women's 60 Meter Dash 6:18 PM
Men's 200 Meter Run 6:25PM
Men's 60 Meter Dash 6:32 AM
Women's 1500 Meter Run 6:39 PM
Men's 1500 Meter Run 6:50 PM

Boy's High School Mile 7:02 PM
Women's 400 Meter Run 7:10 PM
Girl's High School Mile 7:20 PM
Women's 800 Meter Run 7:30 PM
Men's 3000 Meter Run 7:40 PM

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