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12/7/02 at Mt. San Antonio College, Walnut CA

Doug Speck interviews the girls

alphabetical order

Rachel Bryan, 3rd

DS: What's your first reaction after the race?
RB: Thank God it's over. It really hurt.

DS: Are you pleased with your place?
RB: I did want to get in the top five. [She was third.] Going out, I wasn't sure that was going to happen. I didn't feel good today, but I stuck with it.

DS: You commented on your asthma before. How was it today?
RB: Horrible. And the worst part about today was I had a hard time standing up. But in this race, you can't fall down.

DS: Did you have a strategy in mind based on the invitational earlier in the year? How did you approach the race?
RB: Sometimes if I have a certain strategy, it never works out. I didn't want to have a strategy and if it didn't work out it would get me down. I just tried to be open for anything that happened.

DS: How do you feel about preparation for San Diego next week?
RB: Get enough rest. Stay healthy. I never expected to go this far this year, so this puts me in awe.

DS: San Diego is a hilly course. How does that affect your outlook?
RB: I think anyone who can do this course well shouldn't have too many problems.

Caitlin Chock, 4th

DS: Describe the race and your first reaction afterwards.
CC: For most of the race I was running second, and I was very happy because I thought I would qualify. When I got to the track I was kind of disappointed I got outkicked. But I still made it (qualifying), and that's what counts. I'm totally psyched. I've been wanting to go to finals since my freshman year. It's awesome.

DS: Is this the first time you have run this course this year?
CC: Yes.

DS: How did you approach it? Did you have a goal in mind, placewise?
CC: I wanted to get in the top three, and I got fourth; so that's OK. I like the hills a lot. I was feeling pretty good.

DS: You have paced your season a little differently than last year.
CC: Yes, I kind of think I was over-raced a bit last year, and by this race I was totally just mentally drained. This year, instead, I kind of focuessed on a few key races. That worked for me because when it came to race time I was totally ready and excited to run.

Ruth Graham, 5th

DS: AFter last year (9th, one spot away from qualifying for national finals), what's your reaction to your race this year?
RG: My goal was not to be 9th again because that really sucks. I was outkicked at the end last year, so I was really watching out where I was in the pack because I wanted to make sure that didn't happen this time.

DS: Describe your placing at different segments in the race.
RG: I was top 13 coming into the first mile. I got half of those places in the Switchbacks. I worked my way up until I was about 4th place at the top of Reservoir Hill. Then I got passed by one person.

DS: Was that your strategy -- to steadily move up?
RG: Definitely. This is the kind of course where if you go out too fast, you're going to really wish you hadn't later on.

DS: Where does this fit into all your athletic achievements?
RG: Well, I won state meet last year, and that was pretty awesome too.

DS: What are your thoughts on next week?
RG: I'm looking forward to it totally. I'm just going to work hard and enjoy myself.

Heidi Magill, 2nd

DS: You're probably running as high a quality cross country as any 800 meter runner in United States high school history. How fast do you think you can run the 800 in the next couple years?
HM: My goal for this year is 2:02. That would be 2:06 in Utah (at altitude) or 2:02 at sea level.

DS: How long have you run cross country?
HM: I didn't even know what it was until August of my freshman year (Heidi is a junior now).

DS: With your cross country successes, have you thought of moving up to the 1600?
HM: That's what I'm planning on doing this year.

DS: Near the end of the season, in May and June, what are you going to concentrate on?
HM: Probably the 8.

DS: What do you think you can run a 1600 in if you can run a 2:02 [800]?
HM: I'm not really sure. I've run it once in my life -- a 4:57.

DS: What are your thoughts about San Diego?
HM: I don't know. What is the course like in San Diego?

DS: Double loop with a hill halfway through each loop. First mile is downhill flat. You hit a hill after that and you hit a hill at a mile and a half.
HM: I'm better off at flat and downhills but I can handle a couple of hills. I think I'll be all right.

DS: How would you describe this course?
HM: Hilly, definitely. I hate this course.

DS: How does this course compare to courses in Utah, like the state meet course?
HM: The state meet in Utah is hard, probably just as hard as this one. But I really hate hills.

DS: Do you feel different here because of the drop in altitude?
HM: Yes.

DS: Describe that.
HM: You can recover a lot easier down here. You finish the race and you're tired, but not like you're going to puke or anything. In Utah it's harder. 800 meters into the race and you're breathing like it's the end of the race.

DS: So during the race it feels much different at altitude?
HM: Yes.

DS: Have you given any thought to a college?
HM: No.

DS: You're only a junior so that's understandable. The high school record for 800 meters is right around 2 minutes flat. Do you think you can challenge that before you leave high school?
HM: I hope so. That would be really awesome. We'll see.

DS: What's your best 400?
HM: 54

DS: With 54 second speed, you should probably be able to challenge 2 minuts [in the 800] with the endurance you have, so more power to it. You have the Arcadia Invitational record at my high school; are you going to come back and and break it this year?
HM: I hope that works out.

Zoe Nelson, 1st

re taking the lead early
ZN: I felt it was my pace, so I went ahead and did it. The last mile I had a side ache. That kind of worried me; I was afraid they might catch up. But I just kept running

DS: What are your goals for next week?
ZN: I would like to win. If not that, top three.

DS: The fact that you ran here last year -- how much did that help you?
ZN: It gave me a lot of confidence. Last year I went into it feeling I might qualify and I might not. This year there was more pressure, from myself mostly, just to do well.

DS: Higher expectations now?
ZN: Yeah.


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