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12/7/02 at Mt. San Antonio College, Walnut CA

Photo Sequence - Seeded Girls

by John Dye

"I love hills," Zoe Nelson said before the race. Then she went out and proved it, taking command on the Switchback hills in the second mile, easing over Poop Out and Reservoir hills, and winning comfortably by 13 seconds.

Half Mile
Zoe Nelson, Rachel Bryan, Heidi Magill

Collier Lawrence and Heidi Magill break on top.


Mile 5:22
left, Zoe Nelson, 7 Chock, Bryan, Magill. right, 44 Samantha Gaffney, 3 Ruth Graham, 22 Liza Pasciuto, 21 McWalters


Switchback Hills - Zoe Nelson surge opens a gap.

photos by Doug Speck

Crossover 9:08 (about 1.7 miles, crossing the air strip towards Poop Out Hill)
Zoe leads Chock by 4 seconds
Chock leads rest by 8 seconds
3 Bryan, 4 Magill
5 Ruth Graham
6 Amber Harper
7 Jamie Geissler, 8 Liza Pasciuto, 9 unidentified, 10 Teresa McWalters, 11 Heather Wood

2 miles 11:19 (far side of Poop Out Hill) - Zoe Nelson maintains lead.

Reservoir Hill 14:25 (4000 meters down, 1000 meters to go) - Zoe pulls away, opening up 100 meter lead on Chock.

pix of the finish

Foot Locker West



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