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Williams Pace Calculator

"One of the most valuable tools any coach or serious runner can have," Bill Bowerman

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You realize that you're becoming a legitimate racer, not just a runner-

You've done the work and you're in great shape-

You've just selected your hottest new spikes or racing flats-

Now you're ready for the Williams Pace calculator.

Why? Because accurate pace is the essence of intelligent, productive training and racing. The Williams Pace Calculator shows you all the time and distance information you need to set and check your pace immediately, for workouts or any race distance, simply by manipulating the slide scale.


"Before each race, I make sure my runners
understand proper pace judgment. The
Williams Pace Calculator pinpoints each
interval. It helps them compete intelligently."

Tom Manning, coach,
Jesuit High School, Portland OR
Developed by Bob Williams , a Bowerman protegee and All-American steeplechaser at the University of Oregon , The Williams Pace Calculator has two groups of calculations, "Track" and "Road."  

the Track Side

  • 4 calibrated scales match times and track distances from 100 meters to 10K
  • Lap scale is combined with each 400 meter split to provide quick pace updates

the Road Side

  • Matches times and distances from 10K to 42K
  • Divides time into mile and 5K splits
  • Scale registers a runner's mile pace, from 4:30 to 10:00 minutes
  • Provides a fast, accurate heart rate calculator for gauging the intensity of a training session

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