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The Harrier

The Harrier's Cross Country Report
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Get a subscription to “The Harrier’s High School Cross Country Report,” the high school distance magazine for cross-country and track, now in its 30th year, and published by award winning track writer Marc Bloom. Exclusive stories by Bloom, one of the sport’s foremost authorities and a coach himself, on how to develop high school distance runners. Features on top teams and individuals, expert coaching advice on training, racing, nutrition and motivation, penetrating interviews with world class stars and top coaches, meet stories, unique coverage of all 50 state meets with winning team lineups, high school All-American teams, Foot Locker and Nike Team National coverage—plus essays on topical issues, such as the early success and maturity issues of young girls. Everything a coach, athlete, parent or fan needs to know about high school cross-country and distances on the track. PLUS: Home of the Super 25 National and Regional Team Rankings, the coast-to-coast guidepost of excellence and how those teams excel.

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New subscribers will receive the March and April 2006 issues FREE, featuring the Summer Camp Directories, training programs of the Foot Locker finalists and other stories on how to prepare for the '06 fall cross-country season. With this special offer, you get 10 issues in all: March and April '06 issues, 6 fall '06 issues and March and April '07 issues.

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