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2 great new books by Marc Bloom
Parents Guide and Training Guide
(to high school track and cross country)

DyeStat publisher John Dye and Harrier magazine publisher Marc Bloom announce two new books made available by their joint venture, DyeStat/Harrier Books:

  • Training Guide to High School Track and Cross Country - expert advice for boys and girls, coaches, and parents on achieving peak distance running in all season. Plus training programs of 84 elite high school runners.
  • Parents Guide to High School Track & Cross Country - expert advice to moms and dads on helping your teens excel, stay healthy and mature as high as high school athletes.

The books are priced very reasonably at $12.95 each, or $25 for both (Dyestat/Harrier Book Club). These are must have books for high school parents, runners, and coaches.

Parents Guide
Training Guide
DyeStat/Harrier Book Club
only $12.95
plus $2 shipping
only $12.95
plus $2 shipping
Only $25 plus $3 shipping for
both books

Bulk discounts are available. Write John Dye, [email protected], for special team rates.

the books

Each book is 42 pages with stories of direct benefit to everyone in the sport. The books are sized in handy 6” x 9” format and designed for easy reference. They are handsomely illustrated with exciting photos. Keep the books in your track bag. Take them to meets. Compare notes with teammates or fellow coaches.

Each book has the stamp of authority provided by John Dye, whose web site has become the vital, live voice of high school track and cross-country, and Marc Bloom, whose Harrier magazine is now in its 28th year and is noted for its penetrating articles and as the conscience of our sport. Bloom, whose stories appear regularly in Runner’s World and the New York Times, is a 3-time recipient of the Track & Field Writers Association “Jesse Abramson Award” for journalistic excellence. He is the author of several books including “Run With The Champions.”

about DyeStat/Harrier Books

DyeStat/Harrier Books joins the resources of two of the most authoritative figures in high school track and field and cross country in America. Dye publishes the web site, the leading source of high school track and cross country news. Bloom publishes The Harrier magazine, the most respected voice of high school distance running.

Their joint venture will present original material of interest to all athletes, parents, coaches, and fans. These books are of the utmost importance at a momentous time when so much is happening in the community and there are so many critical questions dealing with the proper handling of high school athletes.

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