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Heartland Week
Sep 18, 2004
Rim Rock Farm - Top 10 Scoreboard - Stafford - Bluestem - Buhler - South Dakota -
- North Dakota - Iowa - Kansas - Minnesota - Missouri Southern Stampede -

by Tony Bozarth, Heartland regional editor

Liberty MO boys, Iowa City West girls are solid at big Rimrock Farm meet - Yankton SD girls impressive at Norfolk - Meredith Snow leads Eureka at Missouri Southern.

Rim Rock Farm Invitational
9/18/04 at Rimrock Farm KS, hosted by Kansas University

Rim Rock preview


Harsh rains delayed the Rimrock Farm Gold division races until the afternoon, and wind and high temperatures combined with the rugged Rimrock hills to down a number of runners on the course and in the chutes.

Gold Division Boys:

US#21 MW#3 Liberty MO lived up to their national ranking, averaging 16:52 for their scoring five (almost 30 seconds a man ahead of the next fastest team), and scored 60 points for a knockout 96 point triumph.
Liberty ran 9-11-12-13-15 with Kip Hill (16:47), Sean Hale (16;50), Chavis Clawson (16:53), Shawn Etzenhouser (16;54) and Brett Agee (16;55) running an eight second split!!

A tight team race developed for the runnerup spot, with University St. Louis MO scoring 156 to win second, ahead of Jenks OK (177), Fremont NE (178), Kearney NE (200), Lincoln NE Northstar (202) and St. Joseph Central MO (208). All these teams were within about 5 seconds for their 5 runner average.

Kiel Uhl (Roosevelt Des Moines IA) was without his front running team mates, but threw down a challenge at the mile mark no one could answer, and moved away to a 16:01 5k win. A tight pack followed Uhl to the line with Dan Maxwell (Jenks) finishing second in 16:26, ahead of Jeff Grassmeyer (Fremont 16:29), Alex Umberger (Maize KS 16:30) and Chris Pullen (St. Joseph Central MO 16;33).

Gold Division Boys Team Scores:
Liberty MO 60, University St. Louis MO 156, Jenks OK 177, Fremont NE 178, Kearney NE 200, Lincoln North Star NE 202, St. Joseph Central MO 208, Lee's Summit MO 227, Blue Springs MO 282, Emporia KS 286, Blue Valley North KS 290, Lee's Summit North MO 290, Lawrence Free State KS 325, Oak Park Kansas City MO 347, Maize KS 350, Baldwin KS 437, Rockhurst Kansas City MO 443, Roosevelt Des Moines IA 443, Salina South KS 475, Bishop Carroll Wichita KS 494, Creighton Prep Omaha NE 525, Raytown South MO 593, Shawnee Mission East KS 604, Blue Valley West KS 626, Chaminade St. Louis MO 662, Lawrence KS 670, Gardner-Edgerton KS 694, Lincoln Southwest NE 695, Leavenworth KS 696

Gold Division Boys Top 10:
1. Kiel Uhl, Roosevelt Des Moines 16:01; 2. Dan Maxwell, Jenks 16:26, 3. Jeff Grassmeyer, Fremont 16:29; 4. Alex Umberger, Maize 16;30; 5. Chris Pullen, St. Joseph Central 16;33; 6. Brian Parr, Fremont 16;34; 7. Chris Clymer, Lincoln Northstar 16;35; 8. Michael Pierce, Oak Park KC 16;46; 9. Kip Hill, Liberty 16:47; 10. Ben Murphy-Baum, University St. Louis 16:49

Gold Division Girls:

Iowa City West IA packed five scorers into the top fifteen and scored 72 for a solid win. Lee's Summit North MO scored 116 for a clear second, with Liberty MO (155) third ahead of Blue Springs MO (191). Iowa City West averaged 16:15 for the hilly 4k course, with Sarah Wickman (5th 15:58), Claire Hall (12th 16;13), Julia Frudden (14th 16:32), Jordan Stahlecker (15th 16:18) and Janet Dobyns (27th 16:29) making up their top five.

Jana Gwinn (Blue Valley North KS) ran a 15:05, shattering the front pack with a strong move up the John Lawson hill at the mile mark. Laura Roxberg (Blue Valley Northwest KS), who surprised Gwinn with an early move two weeks ago and won the Blue Valley Challenge, was second at 16:29. Ashley Mark was third for Lee's Summit North (16:36), and Courtney Johnson (Kapuan Mt. Carmel, Wichita KS 15:43) and Wickman (Iowa City West 15;58) completed the top five.

Gold Division Girls Team Scores:
Iowa City West IA 72, Lee's Summit North MO 116, Liberty MO 155, Blue Springs MO 191, Lee's Summit MO 224, Blue Valley North KS 249, Jenks OK 266, Burke Omaha NE 267, Fremont NE 286, Baldwin KS 287, Emporia KS 293, Kapaun Mt. Carmel, Wichita KS 320, Lincoln Southwest KS 326, St. Joseph Central MO 337, Omaha Westside 350, Lawrence KS 363, Lawrence Free State KS 389, Blue Valley Northwest KS 429, Bellevue West NE 467, Leavenworth KS 510, Blue Valley West KS 537, Shawnee Mission East KS 558, Kickapoo Springfield MO 568, Pembroke Hill Kansas City MO 578

Gold Division Girls Top Ten:
1. Jana Gwinn, Blue Valley North KS 15:05; 2. Laura Roxberg, Blue Valley Northwest KS 15:29, 3. Ashley Mark, Lee's Summit North MO 15:36; 4. Courtney Johnson, KMC Wichita 15:43; 5. Sarah Wickman, Iowa City West IA 15;58; 6. Alysha Valencia, Lawrence Free State KS 16:03; 7. Heather Garcia, Baldwin 16;06; 8. Lindsay Bennett, Jenks OK 16:07; 9. Hilary Foreman, Pembroke Hill KC MO 16;08; 10. Kelly Renfro, Lawrence KS 16:11.


Thursday 8/16 Stafford Invitational @ Stafford:

In a meet run in freshman/ sophomore and junior/senior flights, Macksville's Jenna Wood won the older division with a time of 12:23, fastest of the day. Leah Thompson won the frosh/soph division in 12:54. Kinsley (19) outscored Larned (26) for the girls title.
Hesston (24) beat Larned (40) for the boys title with Brady Kentfield (18:11 Larned) runnning the fastest time.

Bluestem Invitational @ Leon: Clearwater swept both the team and individual titles and the Bluestem Invite. Jay Lindal ran to a clear victory in the boys race, running 16;32 with Ryan Starkel (Bluestem) second at 17:09 and Andrew Neel (Wichita Collegiate) third at 17;11. Clearwater won with 60 points, with Hillsboro second with 90 and Circle (107) third.
Mallory Champa (Clearwater) sailed to a 12:04 win, ahead of Hali Mobley (Andale 12:44) and Amanda Zoglman (Garden Plain 12:46). Clearwater scored 31 to win, with Garden Plain (84) and Remington (109) third in the ten team field.

Buhler Invitational @ Prarie Hills MS, Buhler: McPherson's Nick Nowak ran to a big victory in 16:37, but Buhler packed five runners in the top twelve to win the boy's team title. Jeff Russell led Buhler with a 16:59 second place finish. Buhler scored 31, with McPherson second at 47 and Newton third with 59.
Emily Thompson (Winfield) continued her strong season with a 12:47 win in the girls race. Buhler packed in at 2-3-4 with Courtney Brax second (13:05), Natasha Esau third (13:08), and Lauren Pauls fourth (13:09), and won the title with 31 ponts. McPherson was second with 56 and Newton third with 62 in the nine team field.

South Dakota:

Huron Invitational @ Broadland Creek Golf Course
"Roosevelt Girls, Stevens Boys Easily Win Team Titles" :

The Roosevelt Sioux Falls SD girls (#9 HL) and Stevens Rapid City SD boys (#8) rolled to easy wins at the Huron Invitational. Krista Eckert (15:54 4k) and Allison Eckert (15:55) ran 1-2 for Roosevelt, which scored 43 points. Stevens Rapid City was second with 81, and was short several seniors according to the Rapid City Journal. Aberdeen Central was third with 106, edging Watertown on the pusher and Washington by a point.

Tarryn Shali was third for Stevens at 16:07, followed by Jessica Engel (Sturgis at
16;08) and Jennifer Richards (Rapid City Central) fifth at 16:27.
The Stevens boys overwhelmed the field with 19 points. Aberdeen Central was second with 100, followed by Rapid City Central (122) and Roosevelt Sioux Falls (132). Fourteen teams competed.
Marshall Kambestad (16:52 5k), Alex Holmgren (16:56), and Alex Whitesell (16:58) ran 1-2-3 for Stevens, with Kevin Ford (Roosevelt Sioux Falls) fourth at 17:07 and Stevens' Matt McKie fifth at 17:07.


Norfolk Invitational:
"Yankton SD Girls Defeat Marian Omaha NE in Match-up of Ranked Teams"

Yankton SD swept the boys and girls team titles at the Norfolk Invitational Friday 9/18/04. In a matchup of the #3 HL (Yankton) and #10 (Marian) ranked Heartland teams, Yankton's ladies ran 1-2-3, put four in the top five and five in the top seven to defeat defending Nebraska state champ Marian. Yankton's Ramsey Kavan set a course record with at time of 14:52 for 4k, followed by Betsy Bies (15;39) and Amanda Kuchta (16;11) in second and third. Kristin Sternhagen (fifth 16:20) and Tiffany Leader (seventh
17;08) completed Yankton's scoring. Katie Kelley (Marian) broke up Yankton by placing fourth.
Yankton scored 22 with Marian second with 54 and Millard West third at 107.

Nate Preston of Benson Omaha NE won the boys individual title at 16:03.
Yankton placed seven runners in the top 18 to win, with Bryan South (Omaha)
second. Team scores for the boys race were not reported.

North Dakota

Minot "Magic City" Invitational 9/19/04:
"Williston Boys, Bismark Girls win titles"

Krista and Lindsay Anderson (from Benson County) ran to a 1-2 finish at the Minot Invitational Saturday, both running 14:42 for 4k, will Bismark used team depth to score 93 points to win the girls team title. The Anderson's were followed by Phoebe Garcia (New Town 15;13), Melanei Funke (Minot 15:16) and
Nora Narloch (Red River GF 15;18) in the top five. Bismark was followed by
Grand Forks Central (127), Bowman (130), New Town (15) and Century Bismark (159) in the team top five.
Jory Zunich ran 17:06 for 5k to lead the Williston boys to a 49 point total. Zunich pulled away from Mark Bjornson (Minot 17;18) to win, with Russell Dixon (New Town 17:33), Josh Chow (Moose Jaw CAN 17:48), and Shane Wahlstrom (Williston 18:02) completing the top five. Following Williston in the team race was Minot (71), Bismark (130), Grand Forks Central (133) and New Town
(133). Over 20 team were entered in the meet, including schools from
High temperatures and winds slowed the races.


Hawkeye Invitational @ Iowa City 9/18/04
"City High Girls Sweep"

Iowa City high swept the top five places to win their home invitational Saturday. Samantha Sidwell (15;51), Annie McKay (16;04), Katie Lumpa (16;05), Tamika McCue (16;08) and Claire Anciaux (16;10) packed up front as City High's 15 won from Regina's 69.
Davenport Central's Blake Schlotzhauer (16;05) ran 16:05 to win the individual title from David McKay (City 16;22), but City High packed up front to score 22 points to runner-up Bettendorf's 36.


Hugoton Invitational:
Chad Herrara (Deerfield) ran 17:19 for a clear win, and Stanton County edged rival Holcomb 64-71 in a match-up of Kansas small school powers. Kristen Radcliff (Forgan OK) ran 12:33 to top Breanna Yost (South Gray 12:49) while Hugoton (42) won the girls title with Scott City (66) second. Ten plus teams competed.


Marshall Invitational 9/14/04:
Marshall boys sweep to easy win.

Marshall held out Yahya Iman, but still rolled to a 22 point total to easily win their home invite. Marshall, ranked #1 HL, was paced by a 1-2-3 from Dahir Jumale (16:01), Akey Jumale (16:13) and Jon Tauer (16;46). Tom Allen was fifth (17;10) and Alex Christiansen in 12th (17:51) completed Marshall's scoring five. Following Marshall in the top three were SWC (51) and Canby-Minneota-Lincoln (118).

Missouri Southern Stampede

9/18/04 -- Over 40 high schools and 30 colleges competed in wonderful weather today at the Missouri Southern Stampede. A steady breeze both hampered front-runners, but cooled runners in the 80 degree heat.
In the high school girls race, Meredith Snow led Eureka MO to the team title with a stunningly impressive 17:47 5k win. Snow took the lead in the first mile, then steadily pulled away from pack including Ina Ables (Union Tulsa OK, 2nd 18:39), Shannon Leinert (Eureka MO 3rd 18:51) and defending MO 3A champ Anna Florzak (Notre Dame de Sion, Kansas City MO 4th 18:57). Olathe East KS sophomore Amada Miller was fifth at 19:21, just holding off Warrensburg MO's Kara Eckard, also 19:21 in an exciting finish down MSSU's track (the finish is down the straightaway at MSSU stadium, in front of a packed football stadium crowd). Rachel Sneddon (Carthage MO 7th 19:38), Lauren Guidry (Union, Tulsa OK 8th 19:40), Lindsey Billington (Lee's Summit West MO 19:41) and Mandy Puhak (Olathe East KS 10th 19:49) completed the top ten.
Eureka used it's front running strength and averaged 19:34 for it's scoring five to win with 82 points. Eureka finished 1-3-11-20-47 for it's total. In an exciting race for second, Notre Dame de Sion, Kansas City MO (20:09 ave) and Olathe East KS (20:14) both scored 111, with Sion winning on sixth runner (54) to East (56). East is ranked #2 in the KS 6A poll, and had beat Sion by one point at last week's Olathe North Invitational. Sion was fourth in last year's Missouri State meet. Close behind were Lee's Summit North (119), Aquinas (123, ranked #1 KS 6A poll), Union Tulsa OK 126 and Bentonville AR (143)
An exciting boys race saw Josh Erhard (Lee's Summit West MO) pull away in the final mile for a 15:38 win. Erhard broke away from a tight lead pack of Alex Rowin (Union Tulsa OK, 2nd 15:44), Tom Green (Camdenton MO 15:51 3rd), and Jason Anderson (Glendale, Springfield MO 15;54) on a series of cutbacks over rolling ground in the last mile. Cam Cundiff (Lee's Summit West 5th 16;09), Kendall Robbins (Owasso OK 16:17 6th), Alex Beardon (Lake Hamilton AR 7th 16;17), Chris Colesworthy (Eureka MO 8th 16;18), David Hosman (William Chrisman, Independence MO 9th 16;30) and Taylor Kennedy (Warrensburg MO 16:35 10th) completed the top ten.
Eureka made it a sweep of the team titles with a narrow 112 to 122 win over Olathe South KS, with Fayetteville AR a close third with 128. Eureka placed 8-11-27-29-37 to win, averaging 17:04 per man to Olathe South's 17;12.
Over 300 runners competed in each race.
Full results can be found at the Missouri Southern athletic website:

Division 1 (Large School) Girls Team Scores:
1. Eureka 82
2. Notre Dame de Sion, Kansas City MO 111
2. Olathe East KS 111
4. Lee's Summit West MO 119
5. Aquinas, Overland Park KS 123
6. Union, Tulsa OK 126
7. Bentonville AR 143
8. Park Hill South, Kansas City MO 294
9. Owasso OK 304
10. Warrensburg MO 308
11. Jay OK 309
12. Glendale, Springfield MO 314
13. Parkview, Springfield MO 332
14. Lebanon MO 370
15. Carthage MO 400
16. Fayetteville AR 401
17. Springdale AR 401
18. Webb City MO 477
19. Joplin MO 484
20. Olathe South KS 502
21. Camdenton MO 518

Division 2 (Small Schools)
1. East Newton MO 56
2. Licking MO 68
3. Cassville MO 74
4. Clinton MO 85
5. Baxter 98
6. Willow Springs MO 101

Division 1 Boys Team Results
1. Eureka MO 112
2. Olathe South KS 122
3. Fayetteville AR 128
4. Aquinas, Overland Park KS 163
5. Lee's Summit West MO 198
6. Union, Tulsa OK 220
7. Warrensburg MO 223
8. Glendale, Springfield MO 279
9. Carthage MO 294
10. Olathe East KS 305
11. Parkview, Springfield MO 313
11. Owasso OK 313
13. Camdenton MO 325
14. Lake Hamilton AR 336
15. Lebanon MO 347
16. Bentonville AR 381
17. Park Hill South, Kansas City MO 449
18. Jay OK 466
19. William Chrisman, Independence MO 471
20. Springdale AR 475
21. Blue Springs South MO 484
22. Webb City MO 531
23. Shiloh Christian, Springdale AR 685
24. Carl Junction MO 699
25. Springfield Central MO 758
26. Joplin MO 771
27. Grove 820

Division 2 Boys Team Scores
1. East Newton MO 33
2. Licking MO 37
3. Clinton MO 61
4. Baxter 110

Top 10 Scoreboard

Boys - Girls


1. Marshall MN--won home invitational with #1 man, running 1-2-3, scoring 22 points in ten team field.
2. West Plains MO--School schedule said Missouri Southern this weekend, but they did not compete there.
3. Liberty MO--won the Rimrock Farm Gold Division handily with 60 points. Second was University St. Louis with 156.
4. Hopkins MN
5. Shawnee Mission Northwest KS--did not compete this week
6. Eden Prarie MN--won their 20 team home invite with 55 points, second and third were Roseville Area (68) and Moundsview (69).
7. Fremont NE--Fourth at Rimrock with 178 points behind Liberty, University St. Louis and Jenks OK (177)
8. Stevens Rapid City SD--Easily won the Huron Invitational with 19 points in a twenty team field, running 1-2-3.
9. Kearney NE--fifth at Rimrock Farm with 200 points behind the above named teams.
10. Emporia KS--10th at Rimrock Gold Division with 286 points.


1. West Plains MO--School schedule said Missouri Southern this weekend, but they did not compete there.
2. Iowa City West IA--Clear victory at the Rimrock Farm Gold Division with 72 points. Second was Lee's Summit North MO with 119.
3. Yankton SD--Won the Norfolk Invitational in Nebraska with 22 points over #10HL Marian 54. Ran 1-2-3 with Ramsey Kavan running 14:54 for new meet record.
4. Kapuan Mt. Carmel, Wichita KS--ran 12th in the KU Gold Division with 320 points.
5. Marquette MO
6. Staples-Motley MN
7. Lakeville MN
8. Jefferson City MO
9. Roosevelt Sioux Falls SD--Easily won the Huron Invitational with 49 points ahead of Rapid City Stevens.
10. Marian Omaha NE--Second at Norfolk Invite to Yankton.

Other Notables

Notable among non-ranked teams this weekend:

Eureka swept the Missouri Southern boys and girls team titles, the girls winning from a tough field including Notre Dame de Sion (KC, MO), Olathe East (#2 6A KS), Lee's Summit West (MO, considered a tough team from KC area), Aquinas (#1 6A KS) and Tulsa Union OK. Meredith Snow led Eureka running 17;47 for 5k, winning by almost a minute. Lee's Summit North MO has a very strong girls program, and were second at KU. On the boys side University St. Louis and Jenks OK looked strong at KU.

Rim Rock Farm Preview

The Rimrock Farm Invitational, hosted by Kansas University features a number of top teams. The meet is divided into three divisions: Blue, Crimson and Gold.

In the boys Gold division MW#3 Liberty MO rates perhaps a slight favorite, but will be challenged by Kearney NE, Blue Springs MO and Fremont NE. Traditional powers Chaminade and University come from the St. Louis area to run the Rimrock Hills. Creighton Prep from Omaha always runs well at KU, as does Jenks OK. One should also not count out some powerful home state teams such as Emporia, Maize and hometown Free State, all ranked in the 6A top four polls in Kansas. A strong contender could also be Baldwin, with an enrollment of about 400, but seven time defending 4A Kansas state champs with a lot of pride and tradition.

The girls Gold race looks loaded up with a very strong HL#2 Iowa City West team making the trip to Lawrence. HL#4 Kapaun Mt. Carmel from Wichita KS will put it's defending 5A champ team on the line for the first time after splitting the squad in early meets, and has been running well. Emporia, Baldwin, SM East and Lawrence Free State (led by contender Alysha Valencia) are strong Kansas schools. Liberty and Lee's Summit North are strong contenders from the Kansas City area's Missouri side


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