Midwest Distance Gala
June 11, 2005 at Vernon Hills IL

presented by Illinois Runner and Running Unlimited

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Jon Thomas IA 9:07.53, Jenny Morgan MI 4:52.94 (8th grade sister Stephanie 2nd in 5:01.45), Matt Dettman IL 4:14.29 mile (Andrew Perkins WI 4:15.07), Stephen Williams IL 1:52.87.

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Mile winners

  Jenny Morgan MI
Matt Dettman IL

photos by Ross Dettman



Boys 2 Mile
1. Thomas, John Des Moines 9:07.53
2. Uhl, Kiel Des Moines 9:15.19
3. Fox, Levi Troy 9:21.58
4. Dettman, Eric Bensenville 9:25.17
5. Fresen, Breck Buffalo Grove 10:02.07

Girls Mile
1. Morgan, Jenny Clarkston 4:52.94
2. Morgan, Stephanie Clarkston 5:01.45
3. Elmore, Hailee Springfield 5:06.68
4. Staples, Haley Crystal Lake 5:08.21
5. Vrshek, Kelly Rolling Meadows 5:10.56
6. Burke, Jolly Madison 5:12.06
7. Sullivan, Molly Elmhurst 5:12.67
8. Wixkman, Sarah Iowa City 5:15.06
9. Sickman, Lisa Clarkston 5:15.75
10. Bieri, Jenna Davenport 5:20.89
11. Hoekstra, Beth Clarkston 5:26.65

Boys Mile
1. Dettman, Matt Bensenville 4:14.29
2. Perkins, Andrew Wattertown 4:15.07
3. Pierie, Tim Marion 4:17.41
4. Murray, Mike Arlington Heights 4:18.71
5. Birkholz, Ryan Downers Grove 4:19.93
6. Marchese, Brian Elmhurst 4:20.60
7. Pede, David Greenfield 4:22.71
8. Doyle, Sean North Wales 4:23.54
9. Finley, Steve Palatine 4:24.39
10. Montgomery, David Elmhurst 4:27.26
11. Ryan, Luke Downers Grove 4:29.79
12. Daniels, Curt Huntington 4:29.15

Boys 800 Meter Run
1. Williams, Stephen Marion 1:52.87
2. Sachse, Jack Ottawa 1:53.86
3. Markson, Steve Whitefish Bay 1:54.04
4. Marcym, Jay Centralia 1:54.62
5. Hunt, Aaron Potterville 1:54.79
6. Arnold, Michael Elmhurst 1:56.70
7. Bigelow, Jason Clio 1:56.87
8. Billhardt, Roger Elmhurst 1:58.24
9. Beth, Zach Lake Geneva 1:58.71


The brainstorm of Scott Bush, editor of Illinois Runner and the NTN Midwest Region editor last fall, will have its inaugural Saturday June 11 at Vernon Hills HS in the northwest suburb of Chicago. Four races will draw runners from seven states, including Sarah Wickman IA, Michigan 1600m champ Jenny Morgan and her fast rising 8th grade sister Stephanie, Foot Locker finalist Levi Fox OH, national freshman class indoor mile record holder Andrew Perkins WI, Roosevelt DesMoines IA stalwarts Jon Thomas and Kiel Uhl, and Eric Dettman IL, a member of York Elmhurst's national champion cross country team. There will be rabbits in each race to assure a good pace.

a note from the meet director

by Scott Bush

Welcome to the website of the Midwest Distance Gala. In its first year of existence, the Midwest Distance Gala (MDG) is a new wave of track meet, brought about to provide
runners a fast race in an exciting atmosphere. The MDG will showcase some of the best
distance talent in the Midwest and beyond.

For the past few years there have not been enough high quality meets in the Midwest, for the best distance runners to come together and run fast times. There are also not enough "elite" meets in the Midwest where fans of the sport can go and watch the best compete. The MDG plans on being this type of meet.

So what makes this meet more special than other ones? Well, for starters, we plan on assembling the best fields possible for four seperate races. The boys 800, mile and two mile, as well as the girls mile will all be taking place. Each race will be rabbited, to help runners go after the fastest times possible. Not only that, but each race will be held under the lights, which only adds to the excitement.

The Midwest needs a showcase meet. The West Coast has Arcadia, Stanford, Nike Team Nationals, Footlocker and Golden West, while the East Coast has all the premier indoor meets, as well as the Nike Outdoor Championships. It is about time a big time meet came to the Midwest. With your support we hope that this meet can become the best distance event around. On June 11, 2005 make sure you come out and enjoy this event and support some of the best distance runners in the nation. Thanks!




Schedule and Entries

7 p.m. - Gates open for spectators and athlete check-in. Athletes will be allowed at this time to start warming up on the track if they so choose.

8:40 p.m. - Craig Virgin Invitational Two-Mile

Alley Num Runner, class, town

1-1 11 Eric Dettman (Jr., Bensenville, IL)

1-2 12 Levi Fox (Sr., Troy, OH)

1-3 13 Jon Thomas (Sr., Des Moines, IA)

1-4 14 Kiel Uhl (Sr., Des Moines, IA)

1-5 15 Breck Fresen (Sr., Buffalo Grove, IL)

1-6 16 Charlie Kern Rabbit


8:58 p.m. - Running Unlimited Girls Mile

1-1 21 Sarah Wickman (So., Iowa City, IA)

1-2 22 Haley Staples (8th, Crystal Lake, IL)

1-3 23 Beth Hoekstra (Jr., Clarkston, MI)

2-1 24 Hailee Elmore (Jr., Springfield, IL)

2-2 25 Molly Sullivan (Jr., Elmhurst, IL)

2-3 26 Gillian Nordquist (Sr., Clarkston, MI)

3-1 27 Stephanie Morgan (8th, Clarkston, MI)

3-2 28 Jenna Bieri (Jr., Davenport, IA)

3-3 29 Jolly Burke (Jr., Madison, WI)

4-1 30 Jenny Morgan (Jr., Clarkston, MI)

4-2 31 Kelly Vrshek (Sr., Rolling Meadows, IL)

4-3 32 Lisa Sickman (Jr., Clarkston, MI)

4-4 33 Suzy Turner Rabbit


9:12 p.m. - Donald Sage Invitational Mile

1-1 41 Andrew Perkins (Fr., Watertown, WI)

1-2 42 David Pede (Jr., Greenfield, WI)

1-3 43 Tim Pierie (Sr., Mokena, IL)

2-1 44 Steve Finley (Jr., Palatine, IL)

2-2 45 Mike Murray (Jr., Arlington Heights, IL)

2-3 46 David Montgomery (Jr., Elmhurst, IL)

3-1 47 Sean Doyle (Sr., North Wales, PA)

3-2 48 Luke Ryan (Jr., Downers Grove, IL)

3-3 49 Ryan Birkholz (Sr., Burlington, WI)

4-1 50 Matt Dettman (Jr., Bensenville, IL)

4-2 51 Curt Daniels (Sr., Huntington, IN)

4-3 52 Brian Marchese (Jr., Elmhurst, IL)

4-4 53 Willie Nelson Rabbit

9:25 p.m. - Jim Spivey Invitational 800

1-1 71 Steve Markson (Jr., Whitefish Bay, WI)

1-2 72 Michael Arnold Jr. (Sr., Elmhurst, IL)

1-3 73 Zach Beth (Jr., Lake Geneva, WI)

2-1 74 Jay Marcum (Sr., Centralia, IL)

2-2 75 Roger Billhardt III (Sr., Elmhurst, IL)

2-3 76 Jason Bigelow (Sr., Clio, MI)

3-1 77 Jared Richardson (Jr., Loves Park, IL)

3-2 78 Jack Sachse (Jr., Ottawa, KS)

3-3 79 Kevin Devitt Rabbit

4-1 80 Stephen Williams (Jr., Marion, IL)

4-2 81 Aaron Hunt (Jr., Potterville, MI)

10 p.m. - Gates officially close. Between the end of the last race and 10 p.m. fans can come down onto the field and meet the athletes.


There will be rabbits in each race to assure a good pace.




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