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Region 4 - Midwest
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Midwest Week
Sep 25, 2004
Preview - Boys - Girls

US#1 York boys roll over Palatine

by Scott Bush
Midwest Editor

US #1 York IL finally ran their top seven in a bigger meet and they dominated against a great opponent in MW #4 Palatine IL.  York beat Palatine 27-79, as York swept the top three spots.  What makes this even more impressive is that York was without their number four runner, who will be back in action shortly after sitting out this week's competition with a minor leg injury. 
On the girls side all the top teams won except MW #8 Valparaiso IN, who lost to previously ranked Northridge IN at the Culver Invitational.  Indiana is insanely strong this year in terms of team strength for both boys and girls.


1. York IL York opened up their invitational season with a huge win at the Palatine Invitational (2.938 miles/flat).  York scored a mere 27 points, against MW #4 Palatine, who finished second with 79 points.  This meet featured four of the top five teams in the state of Illinois.  York was without their number four man junior Brian Marchese, who will be back in racing action soon, after sitting the weekend out with a minor leg injury.

1. Sean McNamara – 14:00

2. Matt Dettman – 14:18

3. Eric Dettman – 14:20

8. David Montgomery – 14:34

13. Roger Billhardt – 14:50

18. Mike Arnold – 15:02z

24. Justin Jones – 15:09


2. Milford MI – They won the Detroit Catholic Central Invitational (5k, rolling hills), easily winning without their number three runner Tim Wilkins, who should be back running soon.  Milford scored 36 points, outdistancing second place by 63 points.  Milford continues to dominate their races after gaining a lot of momentum from winning the Midwest Meet of Champions.

2. Dana Pitcock - 16:13

3. Mike Andersen - 16:23

5. Joel VanDerworp - 16:37

7. Nick Andersen - 16:45

19. Matt Tulpa - 17:17

32. Devin McKeown - 17:41

43.  Matt Picou - 18:02


3. Hamilton Southeastern IN – Hamilton Southeastern continued to prove just how good they are, as they won the Crossroads of America Invitational (5k, hilly) scoring 41 points, and placing their top seven in the top 22 spots.  Southeastern was led by a great performance up front by junior Justin Roeder, who won the race in 15:59 (5k). 

1. Justin Roeder – 15:59

5. Jordan Kyle – 16:39

11. Greg Maves – 17:13

12. Jim Goddard – 17:13

16. Madison Roeder – 17:28

21. Alex Susott – 17:50

22. A.J. King – 17:55


4. Palatine ILPalatine lost to US #1 York 27-79 at the Palatine Invitational on Saturday.  Despite their loss, Palatine is still one of the top teams in the region, as they produced some great results with their top four guys.  Senior James Macatangay keeps on improving and was their number one runner on Saturday, while Steve Finley continues to improve after sitting out much of the first part of the season with the flu and a lung infection.

7. James Macatangay – 14:31

9. Steve Finley – 14:36

10. Glenn Morris – 14:37

15. John Lancaster – 14:54

39. Robert Conley – 15:28

44. Matt Moss – 15:33

57. Ryan Zachar – 15:50


5. Madison West WI – They did not compete this weekend.


6. Dexter MI – They did not compete this weekend.


7. Centerville OH – They won the Columbus Pickerington Central Invitational, beating a field of 23 teams.  They scored 84 points, beating runner-up Massillon Perry by 29 points.  The best thing Centerville has going for themselves right now is a very solid 1-6 split.  In this meet it was only 37 seconds, as they placed their top six runners in the top twenty-six places. 

9. Jacob Bradosky - 16:11

12. Andrew Bohardt - 16:24

15. Chris Wall - 16:29

23. Andy Kilianski - 16:45

25. Colin Clark - 16:47

26. Taylor Knapp - 16:48


8. St. Xavier OH – They ran at both the All-Ohio Catholic Championships and the Harrison Invitational, but did not run their top runners in either meet.    


9. Lawrence North IN – Lawrence North won their second big invitational in as many weeks, as they won the Culver Invitational on Saturday.  They beat previously ranked Carmel and Columbus North for the team title scoring 88 points, while Carmel garnered the second place trophy with 116 points, and Columbus North took home third with 117 points.  North had a thirty-three second split from 1-5.

6. Alvin Sangsuwangul – 16:11

13. Ty Hoskins – 16:23

20. Scott Coale – 16:37

21. Chris Rork – 16:37

28. Chris Pfeiffer – 16:44

71. Stephen Cady – 17:19

92. Scott Gower – 17:37


10. Huron Ann Arbor MI – They did not compete this weekend.


1. Clarkston MI – Clarkston didn’t run their entire top seven, sitting out two of their top four at the Jackson Invitational Saturday.  They still prevailed however, but just barely, as they won the team title over Saline 58-62.  Junior Jenny Morgan continued to dominate the state of Michigan, as she remained undefeated this season, winning the race in a time of 18:16.

1. Jenny Morgan – 18:16

6. Anne Oltman – 19:16

13. Gillian Nordquist – 19:37

16. Jenna Leach – 19:45

25. Elizabeth Hoekstra – 20:20

26. Lisa Sickman – 20:20

29. Andrea Levasseur – 20:23



2. Bowling Green OH – BG dominated another invitational this season as they won the Stritch Invitational (5k) with only 24 points.  Bowling Green scored 68 less points than second place Findlay, and placed their top five in the top nine spots and their top seven in the top fourteen spots.  BG has looked amazingly strong as of late, and their depth is really showing as their key strength.  They have a front runner in Christy Titus, and have consistently run less than a minute split from the 2-7 runners.

1. Christy Titus – 18:14

3. Barbara Powers – 18:59

4. Shannon Titus – 19:01

7. Kelly May – 19:07

9. Paige Lane19:14

13. Kylie Korsnack – 19:40

14. Andrea Pereira de Almeida – 19:56


3. Naperville North IL – North won the DuPage County Invitational (3.0 miles), scoring a mere 29 points, as they beat three other top ten teams in Illinois easily.  Second place was Wheaton North, who scored 55 points.  NN had only a forty second split between their top five runners.  Shannon Phelan has emerged as a top three threat at state individually, while North’s 2-5 is hands down the best in the state.

1. Shannon Phelan – 18:05

4. Bekah Regenfuss – 18:25

5. Maggie DeBerge – 18:26

9. Cindy Wu – 18:45

10. Alli Grissom – 18:45

37. Elle Metz – 20:06

38. Kate Prazak – 20:07


4. Waukesha West WI


5. Indianapolis Cathedral IN – Cathedral marched into the Crossroads of America Invitational and left with a huge win and the team trophy.  They placed their top seven runners all in the top 14 spots and scored 30 points, beating second place Concordia by 24 points.  Cathedral was led by two freshmen, in Elizabeth Flood and Rose Plomin.  Cathedral also placed 1-7 in the JV race, to score a perfect 15 points, as the top three girls in that race all broke sixteen minutes on the 4k spread.

2. Elizabeth Flood – 14:36

5. Rose Plomin – 15:23

6. Kelly O’Hara – 15:24

7. Adrienne Bolger – 15:34

10. Callie Champlin – 15:41

11. Laura Peabody – 15:45

14. Emily Breslin – 15:53


6. Cincinnati Colerain OH – Had this team not been missing their number two girl, they could have won.  Colerain’s number two girl Brittany Detzel has been diagnosed with mono and will be taking a few weeks off from competition.  This being said, Colerain headed up to the Griak Invitational (Minnesota), where they took sixth with 224 points.  First placed was Lakeville (#9 Heartland) with 166 points.  Detzel had been running with Ragouzis all season long, which would have cut at least sixty points off their team score, which would have vaulted them into first.  Colerain still ran strong though, beating two ranked Heartland teams, and should’ve headed back to Ohio feeling good about their chances the rest of the season.

6. Erin Ragouzis - 19:01
32. Maria Doerger -

54. Bryn Winters - 20:31      

57. Lydia Kern - 20:34

75. Kate Wharton - 20:47

89. Meggie Schmidt - 21:00

92. Mandi McCullah - 21:03



7. St. Ursula Academy OH – They won the All-Ohio Catholic Championships at Indian Riffle Park (5k).  They scored 73 points, outdistancing second place Cincinnati Mercy by 13 points.  St. Ursula ran without their number four runner Emily Shaw, who has had a bout of pneumonia this past week.  They showed their depth though, as their 1-5 split was only 36 seconds, and their 2-7 split was less than a minute. 

7. Amy Warren - 19:23

12. Danielle Meiners - 19:36  

15. Becky Clark - 19:44

18. Ainsley Schroeder - 19:55

22. Kathryn Corcoran - 19:59

25. Katharine Scherer - 20:05

44. Annie Butler - 20:34   



8. Valparaiso INValparaiso lost for the second weekend in a row, this time to previously ranked Northridge IN at the Culver Invitational 95-103.  Valpo ran well up front, being led by Lauren Hardesty, but they really needed their 2-3 girls to be closer to her and they weren’t. 

5. Lauren Hardesty – 14:46

20. Andrea Kent – 15:12

21. Amanda Hardesty – 15:18

25. Erica Johnson – 15:21

32. Ashlee Karp – 15:31

52. Elizabeth Pochop – 16:53

68. Molly Steiner – 16:04


9. Arrowhead WI – Arrowhead won the Midwest Invitational with a score of 59 points, easily outdistancing second place finisher Dodgeville-Mineral Point by forty points.  Arrowhead showed their depth, as they placed their top seven girls in the top 38 spots.  They beat two of the top fourteen teams in Wisconsin as well as the 14th ranked team in Illinois.

3. Kristen Verre - 15:08

8. Abbey O'Connell - 15:23

15. Rachel Clark - 15:40

18. Megan Charette - 15:42

24. Alex Haroldson - 15:57

32. Megan Fulton - 16:08

38. Kelly Muenzenberger - 16:23


10. Goodrich MI – They dominated the Tortoise and Hare Invitational (5k, hilly), as they swept their division race with a mere 18 points.  Goodrich placed 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8.  They were led by the O’Mara twins, Kayla and Kaitlin, who took the top two spots in the race.  The second place team was Stockbridge with 53 points. 

1. Kayla O'Mara - 19:17

2. Kaitlin O'Mara - 19:25

3. Kelsey Krych - 19:36

5. Kelsey Meyers - 20:13

7. Mary Haiderer - 20:23

8. Samantha Minkler - 21:18



Preview Sep 25


1. York IL – Their top six will be competing in their first invitational of the season, as they head to the Palatine Invitational. They will face off against three of the states top five teams, including MW #4 Palatine.

2. Milford MI – They will be in action at the Tortoise & Hare Classic or the Hanson’s Invitational. Last weekend they sat out their top guys to rest them and train them, but this weekend their top harriers will be back and ready to show that they are still one of the top teams in the country.

3. Hamilton Southeastern IN – The #1 team in Indiana will be heading south to the state cross country course to run in the Cross Roads Invitational. They will be trying to gain some valuable state course experience before the state series begins.

4. Palatine IL – Last weekend they impressed at the Peoria Notre Dame Invitational where they were the odds of favorite to win. This weekend they will be hosting their own invitational, where they will take on MW #1 York. This will be their toughest test of the season prior to the state meet.

5. Madison West WI – No meet.

6. Dexter MI – No meet.

7. Centerville OH – They will compete at the Pickerington Invitational in Columbus, Ohio. Last week they showed they could be the team to beat in Ohio come November, as they beat MW #8 St. Xavier.

8. St. Xavier OH – They will be competing at the All-Ohio Catholic Meet. Last weekend they lost to MW #7 Centerville, without the services of their number four runner, but should be looking to rebound with a strong performance this weekend, as they head to the meet as the pre-race favorites.

9. Lawrence North IN – Last weekend Lawrence North took a huge step in the right direction, as they beat many of the top teams in Indiana at the New Prairie Invitational. This weekend they once again will be in fierce competition, as they take on many top Indiana teams again at the Culver Invitational. This time they will be the favorites, so it will be interesting to see how they respond. Once ranked Carmel will be there as well, hoping to step up big after last weekend’s loss.

10. Huron Ann Arbor MI – They do not compete this weekend.


1. Clarkston MI – They will be competing at the Hansons Invitational. Last season at this invitational they decimated the field, as they took the top six spots in the Division one race, and beat the runner-up team by sixty-five points. This time around it should much the same, as they do go up against some of the better teams in Michigan, but they still have the depth and talent to sweep the top spots.

2. Bowling Green OH – They will be competing in the Cardinal Stritch Invitational.

3. Naperville North IL – They will be competing at the DuPage County Invitational, where they will get a chance to square off against some of the top teams in the state. Four of the top six ranked teams in the state will be competing in the invitational.

4. Waukesha West WI – They will be competing at the Kettle Moraine Relays, where they score by total team time..

5. Indianapolis Cathedral IN – They will be splitting up some of their squad, as they send girls to the Highland Invitational as well as the Terra Haute North Invitational. Cathedral is the newest team in the rankings, meaning they should be very excited, yet a little nervous this weekend.

6. Cincinnati Colerain OH – Colerain will be traveling northward and westward to compete up in Minnesota in the Griak Invitational. Colerain will not be competing with their full squad once again. They will be without the services of one of their top three girls, but also return a top three girl. It will be interesting to see how this effects the team. This meet also proves big for the Midwest, as Colerain takes on the Heartland’s #2 team Iowa City IA, #8 Staples-Motley MN and #9 Lakeville MN. This will be a great way to see how the two regions match up.

7. St. Ursula Academy OH – They will be competing at the All-Ohio Catholic Meet.

8. Valparaiso IN – They will be competing at the Culver Invitational, which is the largest invitational in Indiana this weekend. Last weekend they lost to Cathedral IN at the New Prairie Invitational. They should be angry and ready to run fast and prove once again that they are the best team in Indiana.

9. Arrowhead WI – They will be competing at the Midwest Cross Country Invitational.

10. Goodrich MI – They will be competing at the Tortoise and Hare Invitational, which is in its’ first year of existence. Goodrich had a great weekend last weekend, only losing to Clarkston in a meet that was jam packed with top Michigan teams, so they should have some momentum to ride over the next few weeks from that.


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