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Region 4 - Midwest
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Midwest Week
Sep 18, 2004
Preview - Top 10 Scoreboard - Dave Swarts' Michigan Week -

by Scott Bush
Midwest Editor

Midwest powers York IL boys, Clarkston MI girls, and Bowling Green OH girls dominate their meets.

Top 10 Scoreboard

Boys - Girls


1. York IL – They easily won their dual meet against Illinois #3 Downers Grove North, as they placed their top seven in the top ten spots. They also competed at the Peoria Notre Dame Invitational, where they only ran one of their top seven. They finished in eighth place with 264 points.

2. Milford MI – They ran their junior varsity group at the New Boston Huron Invitational. They sat out their top seven and let their number two group go at it with some very respectable teams.

3. Carmel IN – Lost at the New Prairie Invitational, where they took fourth place, losing to three of the best teams in the state. They scored 170 points, finishing only 28 points behind meet winner Lawrence North IN. They still looked very good however, as they placed their top seven before any other teams top five.

11. Joel Shaw – 16:10
28. Will Peters – 16:31
42. Ben Peterson – 16:46
44. Jacob Rich – 16:47
45. Tom Martin – 16:47
48. Scott Ellabarger – 16:49
50. Chad Bowman – 16:51

4. Hamilton Southeastern IN – They did not have a competition this past weekend.

5. Palatine IL – They won a huge meet down on the state meet course. The Pirates won the Peoria Notre Dame Invitational, beating a slew of top ranked Illinois teams. They placed four runners in the top ten, on their way to the team title with 76 points.

2. Glenn Morris – 14:56
6. James Macatangay – 15:11
9. Steve Finley – 15:13
10. John Lancaster – 15:13
52. Matt Moss - 15:49
65. Robert Conley – 15:57
80. Daniel Rakaric – 16:06

6. St. Xavier OH – St. Xavier lost to unranked Centerville 88-100 at the Alliance Invitational this past weekend. St. Xavier was without their number four runner, but it still would have been very close with Centerville.

11. Rick King – 16:35
16. Randy King – 16:44
18. Brendan Rueberg – 16:47
23. Chris Hasse – 16:58
32. Joe Keating – 17:23
37. Rich Brilli – 17:29
86. Brad King – 18:25

7. Dexter MI – Dexter easily won the Nike-Holly Invitational. They scored 52 points, to beat Flint Powers Catholic, who was second with 130 points. Dexter had the best overall team time out of any division, clearly making their mark that they are a team to keep in consideration for a top three ranking in the Midwest.

2. Lex Williams - 16:08
3. Tony Nalli - 16:21
12. Dan Jackson - 17:05
15. TJ LaRosa - 17:12
20. Ryan Neely - 17:17
22. Bobby Aprill (Fastest freshmen on the day) - 17:21
33. Charles Wolcott - 17:40

8. Madison West WI – Competed in the Milwaukee Marquette Invitational, where they won the meet easily with 20 points on the 5k, very hilly course. West’s top five looked very strong and have a good two weeks now to prepare before their next big race.

2. Andy Han 16:48
3. David Yu 16:53
4. Eric Lewandowski 16:56
5. Robert Joynt 16:56
6. Ben Swimm 17:04
23. Scott Walker 17:44
29. James Marsh 17:56

9. Lakeside Lutheran WI - No results reported.

10. Huron Ann Arbor MI – Ran very well at the New Boston Huron Invitational (5k), winning the team title. They ran great up front and came back with a nice pack to follow them up. Daoud has turned into a frontrunner, while their 3-7 only had a 29 second split in this race.

1. Adam Daoud – 16:10
3. Adam Liscull – 16:45
9. Austin Riker – 17:14
14. Mitch Gonacues – 17:22
22. Ryan Rudy – 17:32
26. Andrew Berry – 17:38
27. Mike Vanderroest – 17:43


1. Clarkston MI – Clarkston beat a very strong girl’s field at the MSU Spartan Invitational on Friday (5k). They scored only 46 points as the swept the first two spots and placed their top four in the top 12 positions. Second place Goodrich was almost 100 points behind, as they scored 143 points.

1. Jenny Morgan - 18:07
2. Liz Mengyan - 18:14
9. Anne Oltman - 19:05
11. Lyndsay Smith - 19:12
23. Gillian Nordquist - 19:42
38. Jenna Leach - 20:07
42. Beth Hoekstra - 20:11

2. Bowling Green OH – Bowling Green annihilated the field at the Galion Invitational (5k, flat). They scored a mere 24 points, beating second place Brecksville by 57 points. BG placed their top six runners in the top ten spots. They have looked very strong from top to bottom all season long thus far. One of their top runners, Alyssa Glenn, has been sidelined with an injury this week and did not compete.

1. Christy Titus – 18:28
3. Barbara Powers – 18:54
5. Paige Lane – 19:09
7. Shannon Titus – 19:15
9. Kelly May – 19:34
10. Kylie Korsnack – 19:35

3. Naperville North IL – They easily won the Peoria Notre Dame Invitational, beating many of Illinois’ top teams, including MW #10 Palatine. They scored only 63 points, in the best girls’ field of the season. Times were fast as they ran the meet on the flat, three mile state course.

3. Shannon Phelan – 17:34
10. Alli Grissom – 18:13
16. Cindy Wu – 18:20
17. Maggie DeBerge – 18:21
18. Bekah Regenfuss – 18:21

4. Waukesha West WI – They competed at the Marquette Invitational (4k, hilly) and split their team up into Silver and Blue squads. They still took first and second as teams and impressed many around the state with their depth.

5. Valparaiso IN – Lost this past weekend at the New Prairie Invitational. They placed second behind unranked Indianapolis Cathedral IN, who was a top four team in the state at the time. Valparaiso lost by eleven points; however they did beat many of the top girls’ teams in the state.

6. Northridge Middlebury IN – They took fifth at the New Prairie Invitational this past weekend, losing too many great teams in Indiana. Northridge finished 31 points behind race winner Indianapolis Cathedral IN, as they scored 150 points.

7. St. Ursula Academy OH – They impressed many last weekend at Midwest Meet of Champions, as they beat many ranked teams and earned themselves a spot in the top ten poll this week. However, this weekend at the Trinity Invitational, they took second behind MW #9 Cincinnati Colerain 48-60.

8. Amy Warren - 19:38
11. Becky Clark - 19:40
12. Danielle Meiners - 19:52
14. Emily Shaw - 20:02
15. Ainsley Schroeder - 20:03
16. Kathryn Corcoran - 20:06
25. Katharine Scherer - 20:24

8. Arrowhead WI – Did not compete this past weekend.

9. Cincinnati Colerain OH – They competed at the Trinity Invitational in Kentucky and avenged their loss to MW #7 St. Ursula Academy from the week before, this time winning 48-60. Colerain looked strong, still running without one of their top five runners.

4. Erin Ragouzis - 19:03
5. Brittany Detzel - 19:14
9. Mandi McCullah - 19:38
13. Maria Doerger - 19:59
17. Kate Wharton - 20:09
22. Lydia Kern - 20:16
26. Meggie Schmidt - 20:25

10. Palatine IL – They finished fifth at the Peoria Notre Dame Invitational, despite a very solid performance by their top three. They scored 177 points, while first place MW #3 Naperville North won the meet with 63 points.

2. Amy Laskowske – 17:27
22. Katie O’Brien – 18:27
23. Carly Bates – 18:30
77. Nicole Munce – 19:27
78. Brianna Officer – 19:27


Preview Sep 18

There is a huge meet in Indiana and one in Illinois as well that should
garner some big meet results. There are a handful of medium sized meets as well
(two in Michigan-Holly Invite and New Boston Huron Invite, one in Louisville
with two top Midwest girls teams). It should be a great weekend out here in
the Midwest, especially since the weather has finally cooled a bit.

Top 10 schedule this week

Here are the two big invitationals:

There are many teams in the Midwest facing off against one another this
weekend. Here are the big invitationals to keep an eye on.

- New Prairie Invitational (Indiana)
This invitational will boast many of the top boys and girls team from Indiana. Nine of the top fifteen boys teams will be in action, including MW #3 Carmel IN. Carmel will be challenged by
many teams including: Lawrence North, Franklin Central, Chesterton, Northridge,
Portage, Fort Wayne Snyder, Crown Point and Valparaiso. All of these teams
will be trying their best to prove they are a top five team in the state. On
the girls side there will be some interesting racing as MW #5 Valparaiso takes
on MW #6 Northridge. This should provide the most exciting results of the
weekend. Also on the girls’ side, Chesterton and Indianapolis Cathedral, who are
the number three and four ranked teams in Indiana, will be squaring off as
well in the girls’ varsity race. There may be a surprise or two in this
invitational that could change the Midwest rankings.

- Peoria Notre Dame Invitational (Illinois)
Last weekend the big invitational in Illinois was the Peoria Woodruff Invitational, this weekend the Peoria
Notre Dame Invitational will be the highlight. There are many top teams
traveling to this invitational from around the state. On the girls side MW #3
Naperville North and MW #10 Palatine face off in a much anticipated dual between
the top two teams in the state. Many other ranked Illinois squads will be there
including: Sandburg, Hinsdale Central, Lincoln-Way East, Oak Park-River
Forest, Lake Forest and Neuqua Valley. On the boys side MW #5 Palatine is the team
to beat. US #1, MW #1 York will be brining one or two members of their top
seven and then a few of their 8-14 runners to field a tough squad. Palatine
regains the services of their number 3-4 man Steve Finley, who was out with a
lung infection for the past few weeks. A slew of other top Illinois boys’
squads will be there. Lyons Township, Naperville North, Wheaton Warrenville South,
Neuqua Valley, Glenbard South, Downers Grove North and Eureka will lead the

Here's where the top 10 in the NTN region will be:


1. York IL – York will be at the Peoria Notre Dame Invitational. They will
not be fielding their entire top seven, but rather bringing one or two
individuals from their top seven and then a bunch of guys from spots 8-14.
2. Milford MI – They will be competing at the New Boston Huron Invitational,
where they will face among others MW #10 Huron Ann Arbor.
3. Carmel IN – They will be competing at the giant New Prairie Invitational
this coming weekend, where nine of the top fifteen ranked Indiana boys’ teams
will be competing.
4. Hamilton Southeastern IN – They competed at the Ben Davis Invitational on
Tuesday, and have this weekend off.
5. Palatine IL – Competing at the Peoria Notre Dame Invitational, where many
of the top teams in the state will be competing.
6. St. Xavier OH – They will be splitting up their team between three invites
this weekend. The Bethel Tate Invitational, the Alliance Running
Invitational, and the Covington Catholic Invitational are the three meets where they will
be competing at.
7. Dexter MI – They will be competing at the Holly Invitational.
8. Madison West WI – They will be in competition at Milwaukee University
School on Saturday.
9. Lakeside Lutheran WI – They will be competing at the Hill topper
Invitational at St. Lawrence Seminary.
10. Huron Ann Arbor MI – They will be competing at the New Boston Huron
Invitational, where they will get to match up against MW #2 Milford.


1. Clarkston MI – They will be in competition on Saturday at the Holly
2. Bowling Green OH – They will be competing at the Galion Invitational.
3. Naperville North IL – North will be at the Peoria Notre Dame Invitational,
where they will square off against MW #10 Palatine, as well as a slew of
other good Illinois schools.
4. Waukesha West WI – They will be competing at the Marquette Invitational.
5. Valparaiso IN – They will be competing in the New Prairie Invitational.
The top four girls’ teams in the state will be competing in the meet.
6. Northridge Middlebury IN – They have the opportunity to face off against
MW #5 Valparaiso this weekend at the New Prairie Invitational. This will be a
great chance to see these two great teams face off head to head.
7. St. Ursula Academy OH – Riding high off of their finish last week at the
Midwest Meet of Champions, St. Ursula will be heading south to Louisville to
compete in the Trinity Invitational, where they will face off against MW #9
8. Arrowhead WI – They do not have any meets on their schedule for this
9. Colerain Cincinnati OH – They will be without their number three girl for
the second week in a row, as they head to the Trinity Invitational in
Louisville, Kentucky this weekend. They will get a chance to go head to head with MW
#7 St. Ursula for the second straight week.
10. Palatine IL – They will be competing at the Peoria Notre Dame
Invitational, where they will get to face off against MW #3 Naperville North.



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