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2002 Cross Country
Boys Individual Rankings

by Tom Cuffe
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New York State Sportswriters Association
Returning New York State All-State
Cross-Country 2002
Tom Cuffe - Poll Editor


Returnee Breakdown
55 All-State Returnees
Freshmen to Sophomore - 2
Sophomore to Junior - 13
Junior to Senior - 40

New York State has always been one of the premiere cross-country states in the nation. This year is no different both individually and team wise. As a matter of fact this may well be the best cross-country season in years. The Harrier by Marc Bloom calls NYS "the deepest state in the country" which is very high praise indeed. The culmination of the New York cross-country wars is the Federation meet, which has been called "the toughest one race championship in the nation." The number of quality programs is on the rise plus there is a wealth of individual talent out in the hills, dales, countryside and cities! Couple those two significant factors with some outstanding coaching and motivation and you have a brilliant formula for success.

On the individual scene there are no fewer than nine legitimate candidates that could make the Footlocker National Finals come late fall. These super studs of the Empire state include: Brian Dalpiaz, Sayville; Brendan Fennell, Pearl River; Dan Naughton, Kellenberg; Mark Alizzi, Syosset; Andrew Whitbeck, East Rochester; Hakon DeVries John Jay; Lopez Lamong, Tully; Dan Mc Kenna, Liverpool and Josh Mc Dougal of Peru who is home schooled and does not compete for his school but he is eligible for the Northeast team. All of these runners have fabulous credentials and have proven themselves on the cross-country trails and on the track. Super soph Kevin Tshirhart, Northport will also have a say in what happens on the harrier scene. A 4:24 and 9:19 (NYS Freshmen record!) performer Kevin was one of the best freshmen in the country last year. No doubt there are a few sleepers out there that have put in the required work over the summer and they will certainly put their stamp of excellence on the New York State cross-country scene! It will be a great show, get on board and let's get ready to rock and roll!!!

First Team
Brian Dalpiaz-11-Sayville-11
Brendan Fennell-11-Pearl River-2
Dan Naughton-11-Kellenberg-CHSAA
Mark Alizzi-11-Syosset-8
Andrew Whitbeck-11-East Rochester-5

Second Team
Hakon DeVries-10-John Jay-1
Lopez Lamong-10-Tully-3
Dan Mc Kenna-11-Liverpool-3

Third Team
Dan Fields-11-East Aurora-5
Greg Pries-11-Chaminade-CHSAA
Jamie Julia-11-Amsterdam-2
Connor Farrell-10-Bayport-Blue Point-11

Fourth Team
Krys Usack-11-Corning-4
John Telban-11-Greece Athena-5
John Nicotera-09-Sauquiot Valley-3
Matt St. James-11-Churchville-Chili-5
Sean Hyland-11-Kellenberg-CHSAA

Fifth Team
Scott Mindel-10-Shenendehowa-2
Jake Laroe-10-Warwick Valley-9
Matthew Flynn-10-St. Anthony's-CHSAA

Sixth Team
Dave Hryvniak-11-Aquinas-5
Nate Lowe-11-Spencerport-5
Ted Quinn-10-Rush-Henrietta-5
Kyle Heath-10-Victor-5
Bryan Quinn-11-Northport-11
Dan Tickner-11-Bishop Ludden-3
Brian Luthin-11-Warwick Valley-9

Seventh Team
Chris Biggs-11-Moore Catholic-CHSAA
Kevin Horvath-11-Sauquoit Valley-3
Stanley Saladin-11-Mt. Vernon-1
Kane Seamon-11-Richfield Springs-3
Dennis Gutierrez-11-North Rockland-1
Jacob Gurzler-10-Shenendehowa-2
Tom Williams-11-Arlington-1
Kyle Audi-10-Colonie-2

Eighth Team
Terence Byrnes-11-St. Anthony's-CHSAA
Tom Hammer-11-Ithaca-4
Bryan Morseman-11-Addison-5
Alan Merrick-11-Sauquiot Valley-3
Steve Rosinski-11-Greece Athena-5

Ninth Team
Hans Samaniego-11-Shenendehowa-2
Peter Kane-11-Rhinebeck-9
Sean French-11-Chatham-2
Luke Dixon-11-Collegiate-AIS
Brian Gilchrist-11- Saratoga Springs-2
Nick Connolly-11-Warwick Valley-9
John Paul-11-Niskyuna-2

Tenth Team
Ryan Gaedje-10-Shenedehowa-2
Mike Foley-11- Saratoga Springs-2
Chuck Laderer-10-Starpoint-6
Dave Raucci-09-Red Hook-9
Brandon Meyer-11-Saratoga Springs-2
Steve Dalton-11-Canton-10
Brad Ariola-11-Altmar Parish Williamstown-3
Phil Roach-10-Shenendehowa-2

Returning Runners of the Year

Junior of the Year
Brian Dalpiaz - Sayville - Section 11

Sophomore of the Year
Hakon De Vries - John Jay - Section 1

Freshmen of the Year
John Nicotera - Sauquiot Valley - Section 3

Defending State Federation Champions - Saratoga Springs - Section 2

Top Ten at Feds with Team Scorers

1. Saratoga HS 6, 8, 31, 34, 40 119 - 124, 157
2. Shenendehowa HS 12, 27, 29, 33, 35 136 - 63, 85
3. Liverpool HS 11, 19, 50, 54, 80 214 - 88, 92
4. Sauquoit Valley HS 15, 25, 52, 68, 77 237 - 145, 175
5. Northport HS 13, 20, 56, 67, 98 254 - 105, 152
6. Honeoye Falls-Lima HS 37, 48, 49, 75, 76 285 - 93, 177
7. East Rochester HS 5, 7, 69, 95, 111 287 - 135, 169
8. Canton HS 1, 23, 42, 104, 120 290 - 125, 158
9. Chaminade HS 18, 51, 61, 78, 89 297 - 102, 114
10. Warwick Valley HS 14, 22, 32, 113, 118 299 - 159, 186


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