New Jersey

Passaic County Championships

Jan 15, 2003 at the New York Armory



by Jersey Guy

B600 - 1. Hayrol Cruz (Passaic soph) 1:24.1

B3000 - 1. Mohamed Khadraoui (Kennedy so, the NJ all-group XC champ) 8:52.30
- new county record; 2. Paul Kornaszewski (Clifton jr) 8:55.1 - great battle
between the two North Jersey titans, facing each other for the first time
since numerous XC battles last fall; very quick early pace, going through
800m in 2:15 and 1600m in 4:40... Mohamed had about a 30m lead with a couple
laps to go and Paul actually closed on him on the last lap, but it was too
(one hour later Mohamed came back to take 1500m in 4:13.3 over Paul's

B Shot Put - 1. Richard Russell 53-6 (results say 56-6 but I confirmed it
was a typo)

G1500 - 1. Lindsay Van Alstine 4:53.4 (3000m was first, Jesse Mizzone
finished 2nd in 4:56.6)
G3000 - 1. Jesse Mizzone 10:07.5, 2. Lindsay Van Alstine 10:18.6 - a really
tremendous race between the 2 great county rivals; Lindsay led through 1600m
in 5:28 with Jesse right on her shoulder, but after 9 laps Jesse pulled away
and maintained the pace, just increasing her margin over LVA, despite being
slightly sick; this was the 12th best time in state history, according to Ed
Grant's list

West Milford boys defended their county title from last winter while Wayne
Valley girls dominated the competition, scoring more than double the number
of points for second place team.


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