New Jersey

New Jersey Week 11/2/02

by Ed Grant

Trotters finish together again at Holmdel

HOLMDEL PARK, NJ 11/2/02 -- The Trotter twins had another romp today in the Shore Conference
meet at NJ's state championship course at Holmdel County Park. Katy "led" Amanda over the line in 18:16, the .3 differential in their official times being more due to the reflexes of the timer than the
actual distance beteen them.

The 1-2 finish did not affect the team battle which was a romp for a
Toms River East team which averaged 20:01 with three runners, including
frosh Alison Root, under 20:00. The Raiders appear ready to make a serious
bid for the all-group title that has eluded them until now.

Howver, it will not be easy. Hopewell Valley, rated No. 1 in the
state most of the season, had its best race also over the weekend as it ran
away with the Mercer County title on Friday. Running on the flat surfaces of
Veterans park in Hamilton Twp, HoVall (the largest public school in NJ
without a football team), averaged 19:11 with its pre-season projected
leader Katie Willever having her best race of the season. If she can join
soph Annie Carney up front, they will be very hard to beat.

It was another big weekend for the state's frosh girl stars. Jen
Croghan of Lacordaire won the Essex County title on Friday in record time,
Carolyn Calhoun of Ewing took the Mercer crown the same day in record-tying
time and Jenn Ennis of Roxbury the Morris County race today, This makes six
county champs (out of a possible 20) from the yearliong class and a seventh,
Vanessa Wright of Haddonfield, did not run in her county meet.

The Shore Conference boys' race was a humdinger, both indidvidually
and in the team race. Peter Hes of Toms River North became the 5th boy to
run under 15:40 at Holmdel as he won what was expected to be a close race
by 150 yards in 15:36. And TRN almost retained its team title, losing by a
single point to Christian Broethers (whose 19-year string it had ended last

It was a dramatic finish as well. Will Melofchik, the CBA lleader
all year, collapsed after crossing the eline as his team's 2nd finisher. The
finish line personnel at Holmdel seem to have some rule against touching
runners, so it was another runner, Matt Forys of Howell, who got Melofchik
to his feet after a couple of other runners had passed his prostrate form.
There was some discussion about his proper place, but it was finally settled
and this made the difference in the 84-85 win. It is also again HS rules to
use video equipment to settle disputes of this kind.

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