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11/09/02 at Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington KY - 5k

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Weather defeats record attempts, but not Curtis, Schueler, Mims

left, Maddie Schueler staked early lead and won easily.



Bobby Curtis wore a Villanova shirt to accept his award. Is he announcing his college choice?

by Charles Zimmerman

On a day when the weatherman guaranteed that no records would be broken, Bobby Curtis, Maddie Schueler, and Carmen Mims just put their heads down and took care of business, cruising to easy victories in the Kentucky state cross-country championships today at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington. Headwinds of 18-20 mph, together with so much standing water that the course needed to be rerouted in places, resulted in conditions which every winner of every race uniformly described as “terrible.” Or, as Curtis put it: “Sometimes you have to run against an opponent, sometimes against the course, and sometimes against the weather. Today my opponent was the weather.”

But the weather was Curtis’ only opponent. Working the first mile in 4:40 (which he said required a 4:35 effort because it was uphill and into the wind), Curtis quickly put 20 seconds between him and his nearest pursuers and then just put it in cruise. “It became a difficult race when I realized how terrible the winds were and that I wasn’t going to be able to set a record.” His time for the 5K today was 15:24, which is 18 seconds off the record he set last year. Kal Clark of South Oldham ran stride for stride with Jacob Buckman of Louisville Butler until Clark pulled away in the last 300 meters to take second to Curtis. (It is a good thing Curtis was able to cruise to victory since he trained through the meet, running 200 meter repeats yesterday and 14 hill repeats earlier in the week with a tempo run and a longer run thrown in for good measure. After tomorrow’s 12-miler he starts preparing for Foot Locker regionals.)

Coach Tony Rowe’s Daviess County team surprised everyone–including their coach–with an upset victory over highly-favored South Oldham, winning–as good teams always do–on the basis of outstanding performances by their number 4 and number 5 runners.

Louisville Sacred Heart’s Schueler took the same tack as Curtis, sprinting to the lead immediately and working the first half-mile (uphill) as if it were an 800 meter race rather than a 5000 cross-country race under difficult conditions. She too had a comfortable lead by the first mile and coasted home in 18:50, 15 seconds off the course record and 18 seconds ahead of a surprising Melissa Massey (Louisville Manual), who put in an excellent effort in spite of being injured the last six weeks. Massey finished just ahead of Schueler’s teammate, freshman Leah Ryan. Schueler and Ryan’s 1-3 finish helped Sacred Heart to the team championship.

Running as if she and Schueler and Curtis all enjoyed the same coach, Carmen Mims of Louisville’s Mercy Academy, the defending champion in Class AA, took the lead within seconds of the gun and never looked back, fighting the winds to finish in 18:52. Danella McClure, a junior from Warren East never let Mims out of her sight, however, finishing 9 seconds back. It was 35 more seconds to third place. Highland won the team title, squeaking by Lloyd Memorial 87-89.

Muhlenberg North’s Jacob Fortney brought that small school its second individual title with a decisive win in the Boys’ Class AA race, breaking away from a large pack at about 1 ½ miles for a decisive win in 16:13. As expected, Warren East won the team title.

Sarah Cole of Somerset spoiled Jackie Gordon’s bid for an elusive state championship to end her outstanding career, winning this year’s rubber match between the two when it counted most. Cole’s time was 19:13. Hancock County easily won the team trophy.

Chris Danks of Saint Henry similarly spoiled Louisville KCD’s Alex Brey’s hopes for a fourth Class A individual state title to cap off his storied career. Danks won in 16:04, with Brey second in 16:17. Brey’s Saint Henry teammates did not leave the Horse Park empty-handed, however, as they easily captured the team title to accompany Danks’ individual trophy.


Complete results are available on the Kentucky Coaches site

Combined results (merging all races) for hypothetical scoring:

Boys - Girls



Daviess County 119
South Oldham 153
Greenwood 196
Trinity 249
St. Xavier 265
St. Henry 283
Oldham County 348
Warren East 416
Butler 426
Paul Dunbar 447
Lloyd Memorial 460


1 Bobby Curtis 12 St. Xavier 15:24.2
2 Kal Clark 12 South Oldham 15:44.5
3 Jacob Buckman 12 Butler 15:48.6
4 Chris Danks 12 St. Henry 16:04.3
5 Zach Wilder 11 Woodford County 16:09.7
6 Jacob Fortney 11 Muhlenberg North 16:13.3
7 Alex Brey 12 KY CO Day 16:17.7
8 Michael Eaton 9 Greenwood 16:18.7
9 Matt Sykes 12 Pikeville 16:20.8
10 Ondrej Puskar 11 South Oldham 16:22.3
11 Andrew McCann 10 Paul Dunbar 16:23.5
12 Adam Stanley 12 Pikeville 16:26.2
13 Keith Knapp 11 Lloyd Memorial 16:26.5
14 Jonathan Thomas 12 Western Hills 16:29.3
15 Ron Duncan 9 Fleming County 16:36.0
16 Michael Hunter 12 Daviess County 16:41.2
17 Jonathan Richard 12 Daviess County 16:41.9
18 Jacob Lee 12 Apollo 16:43.6
19 Jose Solis 12 Conner 16:44.1
20 Ryan Hudson 11 Oldham County 16:44.9
21 Brandon Berry 11 Daviess County 16:46.1
22 Thad Schroeder 11 Paul Dunbar 16:48.5
23 Mat Van Der Meer 11 Paul Dunbar 16:49.9
24 Alex Hagan 12 Oldham County 16:51.8
25 Ian Sisson 11 Greenwood 16:53.8
26 Daniel Morgan 12 Boyle County 16:54.7
27 Jason Osborne 11 Greenwood 16:55.5
28 Patrick Morgan 10 Boyle County 16:55.7
29 Daniel Marner 9 South Oldham 16:57.2
30 Breylen Derrick 11 Highlands 17:00.7
31 Ben Hochstrasser 10 Trinity 17:00.8
32 Trae Gaddis 10 Daviess County 17:01.1
33 Jared Keller 12 Daviess County 17:01.4
34 Joey Heil 11 Bishop Brossart 17:01.6
35 Travis Keown 11 Warren East 17:01.7
36 Brad Lykins 10 Christian County 17:02.3
37 Zachary Tuttle 12 Butler 17:02.8
38 Kevin Cory 12 Perry CO Cen 17:03.5
39 Pat Daly 10 Trinity 17:04.7
40 Chris McCoy 12 Trinity 17:06.0
41 Clayton Shuffett 12 Warren East 17:08.1
42 Nathaniel Gravely 10 Scott 17:08.4
43 Justin Gooch 11 St. Xavier 17:08.6
44 Reggie Bieger 9 St. Henry 17:08.9
45 John Schuler 11 Dupont Manual 17:09.9
46 Matthew Rasnick 12 Pikeville 17:10.0
47 Dusty Walcott 12 South Oldham 17:11.4
48 Greg Robinson 10 St. Henry 17:11.5
49 Trey Greene 12 Conner 17:12.3
50 Alex Barker 8 Rose Hill Christian 17:13.3
51 Jarred Meadows 12 Bullitt East 17:14.7
52 Emon Casey 10 Paducah Tilghman 17:15.6
53 Drew Hawkins 10 Daviess County 17:16.0
54 Daniel Reckers 10 Lloyd Memorial 17:16.0
55 Jack Misbach 12 St. Xavier 17:16.7
56 Nick Ryan 12 Elizabethtown 17:17.8
57 Matthew Shoulta 10 St. Mary 17:18.2
58 Kevin Graham 12 Owensboro Catholic 17:19.1
59 Chis Foushee 12 Lou Holy C 17:19.6
60 Chris Hall 11 Meade County 17:19.8
61 Jason Ashley 12 Covington Catholic 17:20.8
62 Robert Vocke 10 Dixie Heights 17:21.9
63 Dustin Hughes 11 Franklin County 17:22.5
64 Ryan Reed 12 Trinity 17:23.7
65 Matt Weingardt 11 South Oldham 17:24.0
66 John Thompson 11 Owensboro Catholic 17:24.6
67 D.J. Croxton 11 Greenwood 17:24.8
68 Matt Burton 11 Henry Clay 17:25.9
69 Allon Renfro 11 Greenwood 17:27.4
70 Keenan Kruskamp 10 Lloyd Memorial 17:27.8
71 Chad Schmidt 9 Bishop Brossart 17:28.4
72 Brian Dugan 10 South Oldham 17:29.2
73 Matt Rowe 11 Daviess County 17:30.5
74 Adam Stoppelwerth 11 Dixie Heights 17:31.1
75 Michael Raidt 11 Trinity 17:31.7
76 Sean Bowling 10 St. Xavier 17:32.1
77 John Hinkle 10 Shelby County 17:32.6
78 Patrick Hammond 12 Tates Creek 17:33.3
79 Tyler Offutt 12 Meade County 17:34.6
80 Craig Smith 12 Cumberland County 17:35.0
81 Bryan Jordan 10 Oldham County 17:35.6
82 Jimmy Gesenhues 10 Highlands 17:36.4
83 Joe Nason 12 Lou Holy C 17:37.5
84 Matt Knight 10 Greenwood 17:37.6
85 McKay Moore 12 Lexington Catholic 17:37.7
86 Sam Conley 10 Covington Catholic 17:38.9
87 Michael Brislin 11 Lexington Catholic 18:03.1
88 Daniel Rothschild 11 Dupont Manual 17:39.5
89 Brandon Cole 10 Rockcastle County 17:39.6
90 John Bergamini 10 St. Xavier 17:40.5
91 Patrick Smith 12 Warren East 17:40.9
92 Jeff Musgrave 11 Knox Central 17:41.2
93 Wes Lawrence 11 St. Henry 17:41.9
94 Pat Fette 11 St. Henry 17:42.1
95 Kevin Austin 11 Apollo 17:42.6
96 Ross Hempel 7 Danville 17:44.1
97 John Blandford 11 Portland Christian 17:44.8
98 Corey Kellam 11 Oldham County 17:45.8
99 Aaron Hicks 12 Franklin County 17:45.9
100 Drew Knott 11 Owensboro Catholic 17:46.1



Greenwood 152
Campbell County 182
Scott 234
Hancock County 269
Dupont Manual 337
Highlands 384
St. Henry 389
Barren County 397
Lloyd Memorial 401
Assumption 405
Daviess County 422
Warren East 432
Notre Dame 443


1 Maddie Schueler 11 Sacred Heart 18:50.6
2 Carmen Mims 10 Mercy Academy 18:52.3
3 Dannella McClure 11 Warren East 19:01.0
4 Melissa Massey 10 Dupont Manual 19:08.2
5 Sarah Cole 11 Somerset 19:13.0
6 Leah Ryan 9 Sacred Heart 19:13.6
7 Ashlee Brown 8 Apollo 19:24.2
8 Natalie Leeper 11 Greenwood 19:26.0
9 Whitney Brainard 11 Southwestern 19:29.9
10 Kristen Geiger 10 Notre Dame 19:35.8
11 Heather Coulter 11 Warren East 19:36.1
12 Keela Osborne 9 Greenwood 19:36.8
13 Ellen Schilling 12 Sacred Heart 19:38.1
14 Rachel Hanson 8 Greenwood 19:41.9
15 Holly Minch 9 Campbell County 19:43.9
16 Kim Grieshaber 9 Woodford County 19:44.5
17 Janeane Campbell 8 North Hardin 19:50.0
18 Renee Smith 11 Scott 19:50.8
19 Kortni Dukes 9 Scott 19:52.2
20 Darcie Dressman 9 Highlands 19:56.4
21 Jessie Gehner 12 Campbell County 19:59.4
22 Jackie Gordon 12 Frankfort 20:00.0
23 Kayla Hayes 9 Rockcastle County 20:00.3
24 Sondra Nieporte 9 Lloyd Memorial 20:06.3
25 Cassie Trueblood 12 Danville 20:08.1
26 Tomiko Williams 10 Russell 20:08.8
27 Emily Fette 8 St. Henry 20:10.1
28 Natash Smith 11 North Hardin 20:10.4
29 Jenna Roberts 10 Daviess County 20:10.7
30 Kelsey Grizzle 12 Raceland 20:10.8
31 Kira Cooper 10 Lloyd Memorial 20:11.6
32 Christina Hamm 10 Dupont Manual 20:13.0
33 Mary Kate Moore 8 Green County 20:16.2
34 Jessica Gooch 12 Hancock County 20:16.7
35 Laura Stechschulte 12 Woodford County 20:17.5
36 Robin Bivens 8 Hancock County 20:18.3
37 Alisha Hansman 9 Highlands 20:19.1
38 Heidi Rawe 10 Campbell County 20:19.4
39 Ella Wilhoit 11 Woodford County 20:21.0
40 Rebecca Shultz 8 Fort Campbell 20:21.8
41 Abby Piper 10 Boyle County 20:22.0
42 Sarah Bell 10 Presentation 20:22.2
43 Andrea Terry 9 Assumption 20:24.1
44 Chelsea Dymond 9 Ryle 20:24.5
45 Laura Hamilton 10 Assumption 20:24.8
46 Chelsie Bradshaw 9 Barren County 20:25.1
47 Amanda Deane 8 Oldham County 20:26.6
48 Susanna Doran 10 Sacred Heart 20:27.0
49 Holly Geers 12 South Oldham 20:27.3
50 Ryan Quire 11 Frankfort 20:27.9
51 Lauren Preece 7 Daviess County 20:28.8
52 Erin Bunting 12 Campbell County 20:29.6
53 Meredith Orberson 10 Greenwood 20:31.4
54 Amanda Adams 12 Barren County 20:32.9
55 Rachel Crouse 10 Webster County 20:33.2
56 Jaye Riedinger 10 Campbell County 20:33.5
57 Amber Bivens 12 Hancock County 20:36.1
58 Ashley Arnold 11 Lexington Catholic 20:36.3
59 Sara Jill Gooch 8 Hancock County 20:36.6
60 Jennifer Colgan 10 St. Mary 20:36.8
61 Leesa Unger 11 Frankfort 20:37.2
62 Jerrica Maddox 7 Scott 20:37.4
63 Liz Braunwart 7 Scott 20:39.0
64 Courtney Hentz 9 St. Henry 20:40.6
65 Susan Beth Meeks 8 Greenwood 20:43.9
66 Jessi Asher 9 Rockcastle County 20:44.1
67 Kasey Bird 11 St. Henry 20:44.7
68 Casey Dixon 11 Owensboro Catholic 20:48.1
69 Heather Vaught 8 Pulaski County 20:48.1
70 Lauren Goff 8 Ohio County 20:48.7
71 Stephanie Hills 8 Highlands 20:48.8
72 Lauren Crook 12 Scott 20:49.3
73 Holly Watkins 11 Barren County 20:50.1
74 Katie Wells 10 Sacred Heart 20:51.5
75 Amber Bondick 12 Notre Dame 20:51.7
76 Tiffany Lousignont 12 Paul Dunbar 20:52.4
77 Sara Hater 10 Campbell County 20:52.9
78 Jessica Droste 11 Dupont Manual 20:53.6
79 Ashley Hughes 11 Fort Campbell 20:53.6
80 Alex Krallman 8 Scott 20:54.5
81 Laura Armstrong 9 Assumption 20:54.8
82 Coady Kleinert 11 Paul Dunbar 20:55.1
83 Rachel Powers 9 Hancock County 20:55.3
84 Jessica Warren 9 Central Hardin 20:57.3
85 Ashley Weaver 8 Daviess County 20:57.8
86 Jill Heil 8 Bishop Brossart 20:59.6
87 Elisabeth Melton 11 Perry CO Cen 21:00.2
88 Annie Beck 11 St. Henry 21:00.7
89 Kristen Scalf 12 South Oldham 21:01.6
90 Emily Pellegrini 10 Dupont Manual 21:02.1
91 Jenni Marshall 12 Lloyd Memorial 21:02.6
92 Megan Reeves 8 Greenwood 21:03.7
93 Heather Griffin 11 Lloyd Memorial 21:05.4
94 Mandi Warren 7 Central Hardin 21:06.9
95 Ann Kiekhefer 12 Oldham County 21:07.4
96 Meagan Lewis 11 Boyle County 21:07.5
97 Rawe Meggy 12 Campbell County 21:08.1
98 Meghan Shaughnessy 9 Notre Dame 21:08.3
99 Chelsea Cantrall 8 Walton-Verona 21:09.2
100 Ashley Dewitt 8 Henry County 21:09.6



Regional wrapup and State Meet preview

Bobby Curtis rested, Maddie Schueler flew

by Charles Zimmerman, Jr.

Last Saturday’s regionals featured thirty-six races in three separate classes at eleven different sites with thousands of athletes and hundreds of teams. Though they ran on different courses and at different times, all were running on the same day for the same prize: the opportunity for the individual runners and their teams to jump on the school bus for the trip to Lexington and the chance to line up at the start of the Kentucky State Cross- Country Championships.

One rested. One flew. And thousands of others sprinted, clawed, stretched, and literally dove across the finish line in an effort to make it to the next level.

Bobby Curtis, the Saint X senior who is the reigning state champion, state record holder, and a contender for the title of the number one runner in the nation, rested on the sidelines while his Saint X teammates easily qualified for the opportunity to defend their state title. However, resting wasn’t Curtis’ choice. Although Coach Chuck Medley’s schedule had always called for Curtis to rest this Saturday in preparation for the state championship, Curtis, who was disappointed at the 14:49 he had posted on his valedictory race at the Seneca Park course where he had won his first victory four years ago and where he had subsequently grown to be a fan favorite, had wanted just one more shot at the course. But Medley told him to stick with the plan because he has much racing ahead of him at FootLocker and hopefully at the world cross-country championships next year.

Maddie Schueler of Louisville’s Sacred Heart Academy flew over the same course in a PR of 17:57. It was the first time under 18:00 for Schueler, the junior who had come close in her race the week before with cross-town rival, Carmen Mims. Schueler posted a 19:15 last November in her sixth-place finish at the state championships but through hard work and racing against the best on a week-in and week-out basis has blossomed into the number-one runner in her class and the favorite at this Saturday’s championships.

In spite of cold temperatures, high winds, and slippery footing, the regionals produced no real great upsets or surprises. However, that is almost never the case at the state championships where the Kentucky Horse park’s tough course and the pressure of competing for all the marbles causes most observers to flinch at predictions.

But here’s how it looks on paper:

Class AAA Boys (950+ Students)

Bobby Curtis is the reigning state champion and the state record-holder. No one in Kentucky has been within a half-minute of him this year. The question is whether he will break his state record and by how much. Actually, Curtis’ 15:06 state record is an excellent time for the Horse Park course: its soft footing, 180-degree turns, and taxing hills make it at least twenty seconds slower than a 5K on an average golf course or park where most high-school cross-country is contested. It is also difficult to turn in record times without someone on your shoulder. But Curtis wants to send a message to the rest of the nation that he’s race-ready. So, we’ll see.

The real race here is for second place, which is absolutely up for grabs. Louisville Butler’s Jacob Buckman has been chasing Bobby Curtis for years and would like to gain some recognition. South Oldham’s Kal Clark proved to himself that he can run with the big dogs after staying with Curtis and Adam Perkins in their duel at the North Hardin Invitational several Saturdays ago. On the other hand, his teammate, Serbian exchange student Ondrej Puskar, has beaten Clark as often as not. Chris McCoy of Louisville Trinity is also a contender as the senior is looking for a great finish to his senior year.

South Oldham looks to be as much a prohibitive favorite as Bobby Curtis. With Clark and Puskar battling it out for number two and Daniel Marner and Matt Weingart expected to finish in the top fifteen, South Oldham looks to avenge its disappointing seventh-place finish from last year and wrest the title from defending champion Saint X. On the other hand, Saint X hasn’t won a record fifteen state championships by just letting someone walk to the title. Saint X’s top five runners defeated South Oldham at North Hardin and they always run better when their star, Curtis, is there to lead the pack–and when it’s state championship time. Louisville’s Trinity High School has come a long way since the beginning of the season and the Shamrocks are be regaining their once-proud tradition. Similarly, no one would ever count out a Tony Rowe-coached team so Daviess County must also be reckoned with.

Class AAA Girls

Maddie Schueler is the favorite because of her speed, consistency, mental toughness, and the competition she has taken on this year. But last year’s runner-up, junior Julie Yonts of Louisville’s Ballard HS, is an excellent runner and demonstrated her genuine cross-country skills on this same course last year when she beat Schueler by twenty seconds. Sacred Heart’s freshman phenom, Leah Ryan, who finished third to Carmen Mims and Schueler in 18:07 at the Metro Meet of Champions, has the ability to run faster and should be in the chase.

The race for the team championship looks even closer than the race for the individual title. With its one-two punch of Schueler and Ryan heading up a team combining both youth and experience, Louisville’s Sacred Heart Academy must be given the favorite status. But Campbell County only lost to Sacred Heart by one point (47-48) at the North Hardin Invitational. Sara Hater of Campbell County is capable of a great race and if the inexperience of some of Sacred Heart’s freshmen hurts that team on race-day, the title could be up for grabs. Although Louisville Manual’s star, Melissa Massey, is injured and not running up to her potential, she is a gutsy runner and her teammates have recently enjoyed some break-out races.

Class AA Boys (571-950 students)

Daniel Morgan, the defending state champion, is returning and must be considered the favorite in spite of the fact that he has been up and down recently. However, Jacob Fortney of Muhlenberg North comes from a small community in Western Kentucky which is quickly developing a reputation as an incubator for state-level runners and his recent efforts, including a wire-to-wire win at the regionals, demonstrate that he will be there at the wire and may well give that school its first-ever state championship. David Webster, a senior from Elizabethtown, has not only the experience and the speed but also the tradition of running for the same school that produced the legendary Thomas Murley, a three-time state champion who later captained Stanford to its best-ever performance at the NCAAs.

Warren east is the runaway favorite to win the team title–especially since they may put three runners in the top fifteen and all five in the top twenty-five. After that it is a race for second between Morgan’s Boyle County, junior Keith Knapp and his Lloyd Memorial HS teammates, and Louisville’s Desales, a former state champion which has quietly worked its way into contention this year.

Class AA Girls

Carmen Mims, the state’s fastest runner and the defending champion, is capable of duplicating Bobby Curtis’s feat in this race–winning by thirty seconds and setting a course record. Mims, however, seems to need competition to run well, and it is possible she may let some runners stay in the race who might not otherwise have the ability to stay with her. One of these is Danella McClure, a junior from Warren East, and her teammate, Heather Coulter, who will probably try to gang up on Mims just as Leah Ryan and Maddie Schueler tried several weeks ago. Nicole Jaggers of Edmonson County is a senior with experience who will be in the hunt as well. Ryanne Fortney, Jacob’s sister, also from Muhlenberg North, has been improving all year and is poised for an excellent race. Atop-five finish by her would generate the best brother-sister finish in the recent history of the KHSAA.

If McClure and Coulter run as expected and their teammates run as they have all year, the Warren East girls should edge Highlands for the title. This would make Warren East champions in both boys and girls, thus replicating their joint championships of 1999 and 2000. Darcie Dressman and her Highlands teammates are committed to preventing the Warren east sweep and are capable of taking the title.

Class A Boys (Under 570 students)

This race should feature a cavalry charge at the end. Chris Danks of perennial power Saint Henry won the Meet of Champions in an impressive fashion two weeks ago and seems to be ready for the state meet. But whenever the defending champion is also on the starting line, the champion must be given the edge. And so it is with Alex Brey, the senior from Louisville’s Kentucky Country Day, who first won the title as an eighth-grader and would like to cap his career with his fourth championship. Teammates Matt Sykes and Adam Stanley, both seniors from Pikeville, have the state meet experience and the speed. All four (or more) should be shoulder-to-shoulder down the stretch.

Saint Henry has been close in recent years but just hasn’t been able to take home the state championship. However, this should be their year and the boys should have a big trophy to put in the case beside the girl’s 1998 trophy. Bishop Brossart, also a perennial contender, should fight it out with Hancock County for second.

Class A Girls

Sarah Cole of Somerset and Jackie Gordon of Frankfort HS have met twice this year. Each has won one race. Last year Gordon was second at the state meet and Cole was third. Gordon has finished 5th, 3rd, and 2d in the state meet in the last three years. Cole has finished 3rd, 3rd, and 2d the past three years. Saturday is their rubber match (and Gordon’s last shot at an elusive state championship). Leesa Unger and Ryan Quire, Gordon’s teammates at Frankfort, and Jessica Gooch of Hancock County will likely round out the top five.

In spite of the fact that Frankfort may have three runners in the top five, Gooch’s defending champion Hancock County will probably take the team title on the basis of their ability to put four runners in the top ten and all of their runners across the line before Frankfort’s fourth runner. Saint Henry will definitely challenge Frankfort for second place–especially if their third, fourth, and fifth runners pick up just a few places.


The temperature is predicted to be in the low 60's with overcast skies and little chance of rain. The sun is supposed to shine brightly tomorrow on My Old Kentucky Home and the course should be dry and as fast as The Horse Park can be. All in all, a great day for racing.


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