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April 10, 2004

Saturday 4/10/04

KT Woodman Relays @ Cessna Stadium, Wichita KS
Schools from all over  Kansas, plus Oklahoma gathered for the annual KT Woodman Relays Friday.  Cold temperatures and wet conditions hampered many races.  Full results are available at

   In Girls competition McPherson won the 6A-5A division with 126 points, followed by Wichita Kaupan Mt. Carmel with 80.5 and Winfield with 73.  In 4A-3A Buhler won with 62 with Baldwin second with 56.3, edging El Dorado's 56.  In class 2A-1A Pratt Skyline''s 97 edged Sublette (95) with Moscow third with 68.
   The 6A-5A boys title went to Wichita Heights with 110, followed by Wichita Kaupan Mt. Carmel (80.5) and Wichita Carroll 73.  The 4A-3A title was won by Mulvane (63) with Cheney (52) and Wamego (50) following.  Sterling overwhelmed the 2A-1A field with 126 points, followed by Remington (67) and Pratt Skyline (63).

   GIRLS 3200:  Hugoton's Brittany Hill and Clay Center's Amy Pierson blazed the wet track in the 4A-3A division with Hill winning 11:33.57 to Pierson's 11;33.85.
   BOYS 3200:  In the 4A-3A division, Patrick Ryan (Mission Valley) pulled away toa 9:59.05 win over Bryce Foward (Hugoton 10:02.75) with Bobby Morton, an El Dorado freshman third at 10:03.94.  In the 6A-5A division Brock Phillips (Wichita East) moved late to win in 9:55.02 over city rival Danny Rice (Carroll 10:00.17).
    GIRLS 4 X 800:  Clearwater scored the fastest time of the day in 4A-3A with a 9:59.05 victory.  In 6A-5A Guthrie scored a 10:01.36 win over Oklahoma rival Edmund North (10:11.41)
     BOYS 4 x 800:  Mulvane ran to an impressive 8:14.86 win in 4A-3A to have the fastest time of the meet by a large margin.
     GIRLS 100H:  Shana Lehning (Sublette) ran 16.58 to win the 2A-1A division by almost 2 seconds on a wet, slippery track.  In 4A-3A Kelsey Moore (Circle) won in 16.56 from Leslie Gill (Chapparral 16.64).
     BOYS 110H:  Brice Wilson (Wichita Heights) won by almost half a second with a 15.52 in 6A-5A.  Kyle Parsons (Clearwater) won a duel with Pete Crall (DeSoto) 15.66-15.87.
     GIRLS 100:  Cold winds hampered this race with Ashley Willson (Wellington) winning 4A-3A in 12.78 and Ashley Findley (Winfield) 6A-5A in 12.87.
    BOYS 100:  Liberal's Kenny Wilson continued to stake his claim as the state's best sprinter, running 10.99 in rotton weather.  Mikey Moore (11.29) and Matt Ozor (11.35) followed in 2-3 for Wichita Heights in 6A-5A.  4A-3A winner Ryan Beckett (Rose Hill) ran 11.37.
    GIRLS 1600:  Class 4A-3A saw a big match-up of some of the state's top runners.  Mica Land (Andover) pulled away to a 5:15.79 win, followed by Gus Newmeyer (Clay Center) 5;27.07, Mallory Champa (Clearwater 5;29.22) and Brittany Hill (Hugoton) 5;33.69.  In the Class 6A-5A race Mallory Cowden (Guthrie OK) cruised to a 5;25.96 win over Courtney Johnson (Wichita Kaupan Mt. Carmel) 5:37.21.  The Class 2A-1A race saw Whitney Stevens (Sublette) win in 5;39.01.
    BOYS 1600:  The Class 4A-3A race was deep and quick, with Topeka Hayden's Adam Reilly winning in 4;32.01.  Ross Wildin (Buhler) was second in 4;35.32, with Casey Johnson (DeSoto 4:39.77) prevaling over Bryce Foward (Hugoton 4;39.99) for third.  In Class 6A-5A Brad Phillips (Wichita East) completed his distance double with a tactical 4;42.63 win over Danny Rice (Wichita Carroll 4:42.93).
    BOYS JT:  Cold, rain and wind played havoc with the javelin.  Kelly Mies (Garden Plain) won the 4A-3A division with a throw of 178-9, with  John Goldsmith (Cheney) second at 177-1.  Preston Mies (Meade) won the 2A-1A division at 167-6, while Brice Wilson (Wichita Heights)  added a throws title to his hurdle wins 6A-5A at 157-2.
    GIRLS DT:  Rachel Talbert, a home schooled Wichita native, threw 138-11 to win the 2A-1A division.  Talbert had the longest throw of the meet by almost 20 feet.  JoAnn Hamlin (Winfield) won the 5A-6A division at 121-5.
     BOYS LJ:  Wind and rain kept marks down.  6A-5A saw a close competition as Tony Hoover (Wichita East) jumped 21-3.75 to edge Ian Lindstrom (Valley Center) 21-1.5, with TJ Anderson (Wichita Heights) third at 20-11.25.
     GIRLS TJ:  Paige Carswell, a Pratt Skyline freshman, had the best jump of the day, winnng 2A-1A at 35-9, with team mate Lynette Enning second at 34-7.75.  Circle's Kyrie Kinder won 4A-3A at 34-10.75
    BOYS SP:  Gerald Spexarth  (Andale) had the best mark, winning 4A-3A at 50-7, with Sean Teter (Garden Plain) second at 48-6.  6A-5A was won by Jacob Crossman (Haysville Campus) with 46-6, a notable mark for a freshman.
   BOYS HJ:  A wet approach kept marks low, with Robbie Hephner (Haysville Campus) winning 6A-5A at 6-2, a mark matched by Kyle Coggins (Cheney) in 4A-3A.  Jonathan Hilton (Hutchinson Central Christian) won 2A-1A at 6-0 as part of a triple win day.
   GIRLS PV:  Pole vaulting in wet conditions is challenging to say the least.  Brooke Demo (El Dorado) leaped 10-0 to edge Michelle Mitchell (Garden Plain) on misses in 4A-3A, while Abbey Stockstill (McPherson) jumped 9-6 to win from Lauren Kirsch (Wichita Kaupan Mt.Carmel) on misses in 6A-5A.
  GIRLS JT:  Some fine tosses here, despite the conditions.  Liberal will look for big points at state in this event after going 1-2 in the 6A-5A division with Victoria Carlile (129-9) and Mirella Gaitan (123-11).  Greta Tjaden (Clearwater)  won 4A-3A with the day's best toss at 133-1.  Jena Fast of Buhler was second at 122-7.  Class 2A-1A was won by Heather Durham of Sterling with 128-5, and Brandi Broaddus of Moscow was second at 126-10.
   BOYS DT:  Class 4A-3A saw a spirited  competition, with John Goldsmith (Cheney) throwing 158-4 to win.  Landon Bryan (El Dorado) was second at 154-0, with Gerald Spexarth (Andale) third at 152-5.  Home schooled John Talbert joined sister Rachel as a throws winner in 2A-1A, throwing 151-7.
   BOYS TJ:  Ian Lindstrom (Valley Center) won 6A-5A at 44-0, and Grant Snider (Mulvane) 4A-3A at 43-2.5.  Both won by solid margins.
   GIRLS LJ:  Ebony Phillips (Wichita Southeast) won 6A-5A with a big jump of 17-1 on a rainy day where 16 foot jumps were at a premium.  Kyrie Kinder (Circle) jumped 16-8.5 to win 4A-3A from Tahnee Balerio (Buhler 16-6) with Stephanie Hammond (Hesston) third at 16-0.  Paige Carswell (Pratt Skyline) jumped 16-7.5 to win 2A-1A by a huge margin.
   GIRLS SP;  Brandi Broaddus (Moscow) threw 42-2 to win the 2A-1A shot over Rachel Talbert (home-schooled) 38-10. JoAnn Hamlin (Winfield) threw 40-5 to win the 6A-5A division.  Rachel Neufeldt (Buhler) won 4A-3A at 37-6
   GIRLS HJ:  As in the boys event, wet conditions kept marks down.  Nikki Polk (Wichita Southeast) won 6A-5A, and Kiley Lund (Buhler) 4A-3A, both jumping 5-2.
   BOYS PV:  Wet conditions didn't stop Beau Morris (Liberal) from winning 6A-5A at 13-6.  In 4A-3A, Cameron Traxson (Cheney) beat Jake Winter (Andale) on misses, both going 13-0.
   GIRLS 4 X 100:  Wichita Southeast ran 50.95 to solidly win 6A-5A from Winfield (51.45) and McPherson (52.68) on the wet Cessna Stadium track.  El Dorado (52.68) won 4A-3A from Baldwin (52.80). 
   BOYS 4 X 100:  Wichita Heights skated to a 43.99 to win from Guthie OK (44.52) and Derby (44.62).  Andover Central ran 44.89 to win 4A-3A from Wamego (45.05).
   GIRLS 400:  Emily Dittemore (Wichita Kaupan Mt. Carmel) ran 60.33 for a solid 6A-5A win.  Katie Robbens (Garden Plain) ran 61.46 in 4A-3A to edge Kyrie Kinder (Circle 61.59).
  BOYS 400:  Nick Kreutzer (Wichita Kaupan Mt. Carmel) ran an outstanding-for-cold-conditions 49.53 to 6A-5A by a 20 meter margin.  Gavin Smith (Mulvane) ran 50.82 to win 4A-3A from Braden Lysen (Andover Central 51.93). 
   GIRLS 300H:  Sublette's Shaylee Lehning added a new meaning to the word "dominate" as she ran 48.48 to win by almost 8 seconds in the 2A-1A division.  Libby Connell (El Dorado) ran 49.13 to win 4A-3A, and McPherson got a 1-2 finish from Brette Ulsaker (49.49) and Jenna Balsick (49.80).
  BOYS 300H;  Jared Gilmore (Buhler) ran 41.03 to win 4A-3A in the fastest time of the day.  Brice Wilson (Wichita Heights) ran 41.40 to win 6A-5A from TJ Lutz (Derby 41.82).
Jonathan Hilton (Hutchinson Central Christian) won 2A-1A in 43.33 as part of a three gold medal day.
  GIRLS 800:  Mica Land (Clearwater) won the 4A-3A division with a 2:23.96, with Gus Newmeyer (Clay Center) second at 2:26.36.  Rachel Snyder (Guthrie OK) won 6A-5A at 2:24.49 with Emiley Dittemore (Wichita Kaupan Mt. Carmel) second at 2:25.47.
  BOYS 800:  Adam Reilly (Topeka Hayden) took it to the field and ran away to a 1:57.58 win in 4A-3A.  Ross Wildin (Buhler) was second in 2:01.70.
  GIRLS 200:  Ashley Findley (Winfield) won 6A-5A in 26.50, while Rachel Myles (Baldwin) ran 26.89 to won 4A-3A.
   BOYS 200:  Kenny Wilson (Liberal) roared away to a 21.85 victory in 6A-5A, very impressive running in poor conditions.  In 4A-3A Gavin Snyder (Mulvane) edged Jared Gillmore (Wichita Independent) 22.83-22.90.
   GIRLS 4 x 400:  At the end of a cold, rainy day, El Dorado pulled a surprise in 4A-3A, winning in 4;19.86 from the second heat.  In the third (seeded faster) section Clay Center ran 4:21.0 for second overall.  Wichita Kaupan Mt. Carmel ran 4;17.16 to win 6A-5A with McPherson (4;20.18) and Winfield (4:20.37) following.
  BOYS 4 X 400:  Mulvane had the best time in the 4 x 400 overall by a wide margin, running 3:30.79 to win 4A-3A by almost eight seconds.

Norton Invitational @ NHS, Norton KS

Norton's boys won their own home meet, and Colby took the girls division.  Best marks came from Norton's Jared Sloan with a 6-4.25 HJ win, plus 15.09/ 40.28 hurdle wins and a leg on the winning 4 x 100 .

Friday 4/9/04

Topeka Relays @ Hummer Sports Park, Topeka KS
Jared Huske (Topeka Highland Park) jumped into the ranks of the all-time greats in Kansas, ripping a 13.93 (FAT) 110H heat to jump to third on the all-time Kansas list. Huske returned in the finals to run 13.94 and win by a large margin, and also won the 100 (11.04). A big shot confrontation saw Garrett Gretz (Great Bend) throw 56-4 to shade Aaron Lockwood (Topeka Seaman 54-11). Hutchinson's Tyler Graham was third at 49-5.
A fine girls field saw many great marks. Morgan Bonds (Hutchinson) and Trisa Nickoley (Topeka Shawnee Heights) are the defending state champs in the 400 and 800 for 6A and 5A, and thrilled the crowd in two head-to-head meetings. In the 400 Bonds edged Nickoley 56.88 to 57.19. In the 800 Nickoley ran off from the start to win in 2;15.19, with Bonds second at 2:26.89.
Sasha Spann (Topeka Highland Park) triple jumped an outstanding 40-2.75, with Morgan Bonds second at 36-2. Morgan's sister Lauren took the 1600 in 5:22.45, with Blue Valley Northwest's Taryn May second at 5:29.88.
Lexi Beaudet (Hutchinson) won the 100 in 12.27, and Leavenworth dominated the 4 x 100 in 51.19.

Olathe Invitational @ Olathe District Athletic Complex ,Olathe KS
Olathe East's girls won continued their fine season, scoring 176 points to Gardner-Edgerton's 153, with Topeka Washburn Rural third (106). Alyssa Smith led Olathe East on cold, damp night, winning the 100 (13.04), TJ (35-8.5) and placing second in the LJ (16-1.75 to Washburn Rural's Meg Obiorah's 17-2). Rachel Falke (Olathe East) won the shot (39-2.5) and disc (113-6). Olathe South's Alysha Galbraith turned a 400 (60.25)/ 800 (2:25.2) double, and Sarah Conrow (Topeka Washburn Rural) won an 11:59.6 3200.
Gardner-Edgerton won the boys title (154) with Olathe East second (117) and Olathe North third (99). Aaron Ballew led G-E with a 4:35.2/ 10:19.7 distance double, then added a unique-for-distance-runners 6-2 HJ title.G-E's Thiesfeld won an 11.34/ 22.3/ 51.0 sprint triple. Olathe East's Todd Haselhorst scored a 49-11, 144-3 SP DT double.

Thursday 4/8/04

Frontenac Invitational @ Frontenac, KS
Jayhawk-Linn scored 117 points to win the boys division, with Northeast-Arma second with 92 and St. Paul third with 83. Baxter Springs Martin Burke won the shot with a mark of 49-9 and Riverton's Aaron Dunbar the HJ at 6-2. Jason Smith led Jayhawk-Linn with a 153-8 DT win.
Marmaton Valley won the girls title with 100 points, with St. Paul (87) and Uniontown (79) following. Marmaton Valley was led by Stephanie King, with a tough 2:24.0/ 12:01.0 800/3200 double win. Casey Whetzel of Arma-Northeast TJ'd 34-11.

Deerfield Invitational @ Deerfield KS
Tribune won the girls title with a well-rounded team performance, scoring 104, McClave CO was second with 98 points, and Deerfield third with 52. Brandi Broadus of Moscow scored a 41-11 SP, 118-7 DT, 117-0 JT sweep of the throws. Kelsey Tague of McClave CO scored a 12.9/ 26.2 sprint double.
Tribune made it a sweep, winning the boy's title with 116 points. Deerfield (66) and Wiley CO (61) followed. Tribune was led by Andrew Rueber's 44-6.25, 148-5.5 SP-DT wins. Rueber is the defending 1A state discus champ.

Ness City Invitational @ Ness City KS
LaCrosse scored 98 points to win the girls title from Holcomb (70) and Claflin (68). The meet saw fine field marks, highlighted by Megan Rakes (Minneola) 39-1 SP/ 113-1 DT double win. Ashley Kraft (Ransom) leapt 16-6 to win the LJ and Roxanne Stiles (Claflin) ran to 25.6/ 61.4 long sprint wins. WaKeeney's Erin Locke ran to 2:26.2/ 5;31.8 800/ 1600 wins.
Holcomb scored 98.5 to win the boys crown with LaCross (66.5) and Otis-Bison (55) following. Drew Stohs (Otis-Bison) won a 50-0, 152-3 SP DT double. Chase Rodgers (Bazine) won the javelin with a throw af 172-0. Alex Kuhlman (Ness City), who won the 1A state TJ crown as a freshman last year, swept the horizontal jumps in 21-1 and 44-5, and also won the 110H (15.6). Jordan Ottaway (Holcomb) won the 800 in 2:02.9 and the 1600 in 4:47.7.

Tuesday 4/6/04

Marion Relays @ Marion, KS
Hillsboro's boys rolled to 191 points to win the Marion Relays. Smokey Valley (115.5) and Marion (108) were second and third. Hillsboro was pace by Daniel Yoder's 1:59.46 800 win and Aaron Yoder's 4:48.93/ 10:30.8 distance double. Tim Funk (Hillsboro) won the HJ at 6-2 and Jordan Regehr (Halstead) the 400 in 51.69.
Smokey Valley won the girls title with 147.6 points, with Hillsboro second 105, and Marion third (91.9).

Meade Invitational @ Meade KS
South Gray won the boys title with 152 points, out-pointing host Meade (141) with South Central third (95). Kirk Redger led South Gray with a 50.94 400 win. Meade's Clay Kuhns won a 46-4/ 152-7 SP DT combo.
Meade overwhelmed the girls field with 172 points, with Forgan OK second with 88, and South Central third with 82. Sooner state distance runners had the top marks, with Forgan's Ka. Radcliffe winning a 2;26.8 800 and 5;23.7 1600, and Kr. Radcliffe winning the 3200 in 11:50.96 and placing second in the 1600 at 5;30.7. Forgan also won a 10:28.84.

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