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Iowa 2003 cross country
Big day in Iowa
Oct 9, 2003

| MVC Super West High wins another Iowa City civil war battle in Dubuque
| Fort Dodge Roosevelt DesMoines boys romp.

MVC Super: Iowa City West girls win again

On Sept 11, Iowa City West "upset" The Harrier's pre-season US#10 Iowa City High by one point. This caused The Harrier to move West up to US#11 in the Sept 22 rankings, one notch ahead of City High. This time, West made it more decisive, winning by 12 points, 54-66, with Cedar Falls also scoring 66 points and beating City on the sixth runner tie breaker.

West's Janet Dobyns finished in fourth place in 15:02, leading a 34-second spread for West's top scorers. Wahlert Dubuque sr Sara Fassbinder won the race in 14:07. West freshman Sarah Wickman finished an amazing 6th after being spiked and losing her shoe at the start and dropping to last place as she stopped to recover her shoe.

Janet Dobyns
Sarah Wickman.



Lakeside Golf Course @ Kennedy Park

US#22 Roosevelt DesMoines boys romp

Informally dubbed “Pre State” because it competes on the same course as the Iowa State Championship, the Fort Dodge meet featured a Grade A field as a total of 15 of the 27 boys and girls teams competing were ranked among the state’s Top 15, highlighting the best of central and western Iowa.

Iowa’s top-ranked boys team, US #22 Des Moines Roosevelt, looked right at home on the Fort Dodge course as they prepare to three-peat here at the state meet on November 1. The Rider’s “blue train” scored just 22 points and put five runners in the top seven to come out on top in the team competition. Indianola was runner-up with 119 points. While Roosevelt boasts three of the top 10 male runners in Iowa – Jon Thomas, Austin Williamson and Kiel Uhl – Heath Moenck of Class 3A Webster City won the medalist honors. Moenck ran with Roosevelt’s top three for much of the race, besting Thomas by only one-tenth of a second in the final meters.

The talent was just as deep and competition just as tough in the varsity girls’ race. Nine of the state’s top 15 teams, along with ten of the top 20 individual runners, were running the 4K course. West Des Moines Valley, ranked #3 in Class 4A, captured the team trophy with a score of 44, showing that they will be a serious challenger for a state title. Ames was runner-up with 83 points followed by Des Moines Roosevelt at 113. Hannah Roeder of Roosevelt, Jessica Weigert of Valley and Lisa Koll of Fort Dodge were the leaders of the pack throughout much of the race. Roeder pulled away in the end to win with a 14:10, just three seconds shy of the state record set on this same course last year by Robdu Adam of Iowa City West. Weigert was runner-up (14:15) and Koll held on for third (14:23). 


Team Scores

1. Des Moines Roosevelt                   22
2. Indianola                                           119
3. Johnston                                           133
4. West Des Moines Valley                133
5. Ankeny                                              135
6. Fort Dodge                                        136
7. Webster City                                    147
8. West Des Moines Dowling            163
9. Mason City                                       193
10. Urbandale                                        260
11. Newton                                            333
12. Boone                                              350

Top 10 Individuals

1. Heath Moenck, Webster City                                        15:16
2. Jon Thomas, Des Moines Roosevelt                            15:17
3. Kiel Uhl, Des Moines Roosevelt                                   15:24
4. Austin Williamson, Des Moines Roosevelt                15:25
5. Collin Donahue, Indianola                                              15:50
6. Jeremiah Danga, Des Moines Roosevelt                     15:54
7. Thom Water, Des Moines Roosevelt                           16:06
8. Jordan Anderson, Mason City                                      16:09
9. Matt Mach, West Des Moines Valley                          16:10
10. Sam Ballin, West Des Moines Valley                         16:17

Team Scores
1. West Des Moines Valley                44
2. Ames                                                  83
3. Des Moines Roosevelt                   113
4. Johnston                                           127
5. Fort Dodge                                        127
6. Urbandale                                          141
7. Ankeny                                              148
8. West Des Moines Dowling            167
9. Newton                                              281
10. Southeast Polk                               286
11. Webster City                                  306
12. Des Moines Hoover                      361
13. Boone                                              370
14. Mason City                                     375

Top 10 Individuals
1. Hannah Roeder, Des Moines Roosevelt                     
2. Jessica Wiegert, West Des Moines Valley                  14:15
3. Lisa Koll, Fort Dodge                                                      14:23
4. Kersten Thorgaard, Ames                                              14:31
5. Alissa Duffy, West Des Moines Valley                       14:32
6. Traci Hawley, Ames                                                        14:42
7. Cassi Sokol, Urbandale                                                   14:43
8. Lindy Shaw, West Des Moines Valley                         14:47
9. Alex Krog, Fort Dodge                                                    14:51
10. Casey McDermott, Newton                                          14:57



Dubuque Soccer Complex

October 9, 2003

While the best of central and western Iowa were in Fort Dodge, the best of eastern Iowa were competing in Dubuque at the Mississippi Valley Conference’s “Super Meet.” The meet features the teams that make up the two divisions of the MVC, and the level of competition was as highly ranked as that at Fort Dodge.

All eyes were on the girls’ varsity meet, which featured three of the top 10 teams in Class 4A and two of the top four teams in Class 3A. An added bonus was another showdown between US #11 Iowa City West and Iowa City High, now ranked #2 in Class 4A.  But the girls of Cedar Falls got in on the act. While Iowa City West won the team title with 54 points, adding to there streak of consecutive regular season meet victories back to 1999, Cedar Falls and Iowa City High tied with 66 points. Based on the performance of each team’s sixth runner, Cedar Falls, currently ranked #4 in Class 4A, was the runner-up.  It was an equally top-loaded field in the race for medalist, with five of the top 10 Class 4A runners and five of the top 10 Class 3A runners toeing the line. Sarah Fassbinder of Dubuque Wahlert cruised to a victory. Her time of 14:07 equaled the record 4K time set at last year’s state meet. Jennie Funk of Iowa City High was the runner-up (14:33) followed by teammate Nelle Trefz (14:43).

The quality of teams and individuals was no less impressive in the boys’ race. Six of the top 10 Class 4A teams along with the top-ranked Class 3A school were in Dubuque; those teams featured five of the top 10 Class 4A individuals. Iowa City High, the state’s number two ranked team, came out on top with 56 points to finish ahead of third-ranked Linn-Mar (75 points) and fourth-ranked Cedar Falls (92 points). Linn-Mar’s Dave Gott won top individual honors with a time of 15:57 in the 5K race. It was a close fight for runner-up honors, with Mike Clancy of Iowa City West (16:04) ending just ahead of Forrester Levi of Waterloo West (16:05).


Team Scores

1. Iowa City High                                 56
2. Linn-Mar                                           75
3. Cedar Falls                                        92
4. Cedar Rapids Kennedy                   144
5. Dubuque Senior                               145
6. Iowa City West                                162
7. Dubuque Wahlert                            187
8. Waterloo West                                 188
9. Cedar Rapids Jefferson                   242
10. Cedar Rapids Prairie                      245
11. Cedar Rapids Washington           257
12. Cedar Rapids Xavier                      281
13. Dubuque Hempstead                    332

Top 10 Individuals

1. Dave Gott, Linn-Mar                                                       15:57
2. Mike Clancy, Iowa City West                                        16:04
3. Forrester Levi, Waterloo West                                      16:05
4. Dan Groepper, Iowa City High                                       16:17
5. Steve Downs, Cedar Falls                                               16:26
6. Dirk Marple, Iowa City High                                          16:27
7. Kevin Oberfoell, Dubuque Senior 16:28
8. Dan Fagan, Cedar Rapids Xavier                                  16:31
9. Ryan Dolan, Dubuque Wahlert                                     16:33
10. Drew Craig, Cedar Rapids Kennedy                           16:37




Team Scores

1. Iowa City West                                54
2.*Cedar Falls                                       66
3.*Iowa City High                                66
4. Cedar Rapids Xavier                        90
5. Dubuque Wahlert                            135
6. Cedar Rapids Kennedy                   181
7. Cedar Rapids Washington             191
8. Dubuque Hempstead                      218
9. Dubuque Senior                               276
10. Cedar Rapids Prairie                      287
11. Waterloo West                               305
12. Linn-Mar                                         315
13. Cedar Rapids Jefferson                 322


Top 10 Individuals
1. Sara Fassbinder, Dubuque Wahlert                              14:07
2. Jennie Funk, Iowa City High                                          14:33
3. Nelle Trefz, Iowa City High                                            14:43
4. Janet Dobyns, Iowa City West                                      15:02
5. Erin Penticoff, Cedar Rapids Xavier                              15:05
6. Sarah Wickman, Iowa City West   15:08
7. Mary Bridget Corken, Dubuque Wahlert                     15:12
8. Samantha Nygren, Cedar Falls                                       15:12
9. Caylin Cervetti, Cedar Falls                                            15:16
10. Megan Yossi, Cedar Rapids Kennedy                       15:19

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