Florida 3A-4A State Meet
May 7-8, 2004 at U. of Florida, Gainesville FL

3A - 4A


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Florida's season comes to a close with the state finals of classes 3A and 4A, the state's largest schools, with a galazy of stars converging at the University of Florida. Xavier Carter goes for a repeat triple (100-200-400) in his last regular season high school meet, with a chance at state records in all three events. The triple repeat has not been done since 1917.
DyeStat is on-site with Ricky Quintana and Mike Leary.

4A - 9 state records
Walter Dix doubles 10.38 -0.5 and 20.62 +0.4.
("Superman" Dix breaks X-Man Carter's SR in 200)
Viktoria Andonova 6-0 and 42-5.25 +2.3
Doubles also by Jenny Barringer and Misti Barber

3A - X-Man triple repeats!
Xavier Carter 10.56, 20.72, and 45.44 SR
Wes Stockbarger gets double state record
65-8.25 SP and 203-6 DT
Tim Harris 1:49.75 SR
St. Thomas Aquinas girls win 7th straight state title
Fort Lauderdale boys edge Wolfson by 1 point

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