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How to get ranked
DyeStat Elite for 2003 cross country

How to get on the 2003 cross country DyeStat Elite lists

First, run faster than the cutoffs. Second, tell us about it according to instructions on this page. Meets that are covered on DyeStat are reviewed for qualifying marks, but you may also follow these instructions to be sure.

Cutoffs for 2003 cross country season are:

3 miles *
5k *

Instructions for submitting performances

Provide the information below to John Dye at [email protected] with a subject, DyeStat Elite rankings. You can cut and paste the form below into an email message. (We are not using the form this year because many people had problems using it.) . If you have submitted the full form once, you do not need to repeat optional personal information; just give the information on the new performance.

Performance Submission Form
2003 cross country DyeStat Elite

Email to John Dye at [email protected]



1. Full Name:
2. Gender:
3. Graduation year:
4. School:
5. City and state of school:

Desired (optional)

6. Athlete street address:
7. Athlete city, state, and zip:
8. Athlete email address:
9. Athlete phone number:
10. Athlete birthdate:



11. Date:
12. Name of Meet:
13. Location of Meet:
14. Time (minutes and seconds):
15. Place finished:
16. Exact distance:


17. Comments (conditions of course, significance of performance):


18. Sender's name:
19. Sender's phone number:
20. Sender's email address:
21. Sender's relationship to the performance (athlete, coach, family, media, fan, etc):
22. How can this performance be verified? (web site preferred, or meet director, coach, media, etc. with phone number, email address, or URL as appropriate):

Privacy Notice
Personal information will only be used for the purposes of DyeStat rankings and news coverage. We will not disclose it to third parties without the athlete's permission



* About Distances

Many course distances are approximate, being a few meters short or long of the published distance.  DyeStat Elite Lists use distances that are "close" and will disclose the actual distance.   The only alternative would be to proliferate into a dozen different lists for different distances. And variables of weather course conditions make more of a difference in times than a few meters of error in measurement. Consider the following table to show how confusing it can get:  

Mile Meters Yards Note that 3.1 miles and 5000 meters, which are often considered interchangeable, are actually a little more than 11 meters different. 
3.0000 4827.9000 5279.8556
3.1000 4988.8300 5455.8508
3.1069 5000.0000 5468.0665

Some states run shorter distances for girls. We do not rank these distances because they are inconsistent between states.

2003 Cross Country rankings


is published by
John Dye

Baltimore MD