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The Harrier Rankings
National and regional team rankings of the 2003 cross country season
by Marc Bloom, editor, The Harrier

We're Number One!

Los Alamos NM girls leapfrog Saratoga NY to US#1 starting the season in Marc Bloom's 2003 pre-season lists. Los Alamos came to national consciousness late last year when they scored a perfect 15 in their state meet. Then their top two girls, Heather Wood and Kristen Hemphill, ran 6th and 12th in the Foot Locker West regional at Mt. SAC. Everyone is back as they try to deny Saratoga its 8th US#1 ranking in 11 years. By the way, those zebra legs are a team bonding thing. They spiralled athletic tape up their legs and then put suntan lotion on the gaps. -- John Dye


The Harrier's Nike / Foot Locker
Super 25 National Rankings
2003 Pre-Season 8/27/03

1.The Woodlands TX (7)
2.York Elmhurst IL (11)
3.Mountain View UT (1)
4.Roosevelt Des Moines IA (12)
5.Mead Spokane WA (13)
6.Shenendehowa NY (15)
7.Milford Highland MI (18)
8.Central Catholic Portland OR
9.Mainland Linwood NJ (3 NE)
10.Columbus North IN (3)

2002 final rankings in brackets

1. Los Alamos NM (2)
2.Saratoga Springs NY (1)
3.Sultana Hesperia CA (3)
4.Smoky Hill Aurora CO (5)
5.Rockford MI (6)
6.Davidson Hilliard OH (12)
7.Mountain View Orem UT (25)
8.Snohomish WA
9.Valparaiso IN (16)
10.Iowa City IA (8)

Northeast Region

1.Shenendehowa (NY)
2.Mainland (NJ)
3.Christian Bros (NJ)
4.Henderson (PA)
5.Northport (NY)
1.Saratoga Spr (NY)
2.Bay Shore (NY)
3.Wyomissing (PA)
4.Argyle (NY)
5.Honeoye Falls (NY)

South Region

1.The Woodlands (TX)
2.Kingwood (TX)
3.Webb (TN)
4.Bishop Kenny (FL)
5.Southview (NC)
1.Cedar Park (TX)
2.Kingwood (TX)
3.Spanish River (FL)
4.W. Albemarle (VA)
5.Harpeth Hall (TN)

Midwest Region

1.York (IL)
2.Roosevelt (IA)
3.Milford (MI)
4.Columbus N (IN)
5.Denver West (CO)
1.Smoky Hill (CO)
2.Rockford (MI)
3.Davidson Hilliard (OH)
4.Valparaiso (IN)
5.Iowa City (IA)

West Region

1.Mt. View (UT)
2.Mead (WA)
3.Central Cath (OR)
4.Jesuit (OR)
5.Jesuit (CA)
1.Los Alamos (NM)
2.Sultana (CA)
3.Mt. View (UT)
4.Snohomish (WA)
5.Flagstaff (AZ)
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