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2002 Cross Country DyeStat Elite 2002 Harrier team rankings
Best 5k and 3-mile times of the season.  Cutoffs are 16:05 and 15:35 for boys and 19:05 and 18:35 for girls.  Due to the variations between courses, weather, and distances, these should be considered performance lists, not rankings The most authoritative national team rankaings for high school cross country are those published by Marc Bloom in "The Harrier's High School Cross Country Report." DyeStat lists the top 10 national teams and the top 5 regional teams.  Subscribe to The Harrier  for the complete Super 25 and top 10 regional teams. 

About Distances

Many course distances are approximate, being a few meters short or long of the published distance.  DyeStat Elite Lists use distances that are "close" and will disclose the actual distance.   The only alternative would be to proliferate into a dozen different lists for different distances. And variables of weather course conditions make more of a difference in times than a few meters of error in measurement. Consider the following table to show how confusing it can get:  

Mile Meters Yards
3.0000 4827.9000 5279.8556
3.1000 4988.8300 5455.8508
3.1069 5000.0000 5468.0665

Note that 3.1 miles and 5000 meters, which are often considered interchangeable, are actually a little more than 11 meters different. 

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