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This section presents information for the college bound student athlete. It covers what needs to be done in high school, how to go about selecting a college, a career and a major. It has links to college track and field web sites, SAT and ACT testing and the NCAA Clearinghouse. Click the topics on the right.


Scholar-Athlete Topics

  • 4 Year Recruiting Guide
    Getting into the right college with as much financial help as possible comes with planning, research, and self-promotion.
  • Organizations
    Institutions, Groups, Web Sites, that play a role in college athletics eligibility, recruiting, scholarships and related topics.
  • Eligibility Rules
    Requirements start in high school with academics and testing. New NCAA rules go into effect for students first entering a Division I or II collegiate institution on or after August 1, 2005.
  • Recruiting Rules
    Who can contact whom, when and how. Learn the rules.
  • Toot Your Horn
    Let Coaches Know You're Interested.
  • Experiences
    Learn about the recruiting experience fom student-athletes.
  • Scholarships & Loans
    Help for Learning where they are and how to get them.
  • Careers & Majors
    Learn about jobs, occupations and majors to study.

DyeStat Features


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