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  • Nike Team Nationals - Foot Locker
    the final chapter . . .
    SAN DIEGO -- The 2004 cross country season comes to a close Saturday with the Foot Locker national finals in San Diego. We are here, and it is rainy today, but the forecast for the weekend is glorious -- 75 degrees, sunny and calm. Tons of photos coming this week from NTN and Foot Locker regionals, plus Foot Locker finals previews and our annual Gallery of Finalists - pix and stats of all 80 Foot Locker finalists..

NTN rankings

DyeStat Elite
Harrier Super 25
College Choices 2005

fastest in the US

Boys 5k
14:32 Andy Bumbalough TN
14:34 Scott MacPherson TX
14:45 Kevin Schwab OK
14:57 Justin Harbor FL
14:58 David Raucci NY
15:01 Cory Thorne NH
15:01 Jack Bolas NC
15:01 Andy Biladeau FL
15:02 Brock Hagerman IN
15:02 Jeremy Criscione FL
15:03 Daniel Lacava TX
15:04 Ben Schulz TX
15:05 Dan Gerber TX
15:05 Robert Bedsole AL

Girls 5k
16:55 Nicole Blood NY
16:56 Whitney Anderson CO
16:57 Aislinn Ryan NY
16:57 Brittany Tinsley OH
17:03 Jordan Hasay CA
17:08 Marie Lawrence NV
17:08 Jenny Barringer FL

Boys 3m
14:22 Brandon Bethke CA
14:30 Brett Campfield CA
14:30 Sean McNamara IL
14:35 Mark Matusak CA
14:36 Fitsum Tesfa CA
14:41 Rob Barany WA
14:41 Robert Bedsole AL
14:43 Ted Price CA
14:43 Diego Mercado CA *

Girls 3m
16:36 Aislinn Ryan NY
16:42 Nicole Blood NY **
16:42 Melissa Dewey VA
16:48 Marie Lawrence NV*
16:51 Katelyn Bastert IL
16:52 Tori Tyler CA *
17:00 Zoe Nelson MT

* 2.91m Mt. SAC
** 3.05 miles


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NTN Splits BOYS - GIRLS - Attention, stats freaks. You heard about the new FinishLynx system with standings and team scores every 1,000 meters. Well, here are all the figures -- enough to keep you busy analyzing until next season.

NTN action photo albums

The "camelbacks", a series of short hills five feet apart, took runners out of their rhythm and, along with mud and generally soft footing, kept the flat course from being a speedway.

The famous spread (9 seconds at the New York Federation meet) of Fayetteville-Manlius NY (Stotan AC) was stretched out by York's upfront duo of Sean McNamara and Matt Dettman and by passing runners in the last 500 meters. Here, Stotan's 3-4-5 runners in maroon are finishing 31, 34, and 35. Stotan's fifth was 7 places ahead of York's fifth, but that couldn't overcome York's 42-point advantage through four runners.

Saratoga dominated the team race, but Ramsey Kavan dominated the individual race, remaining unbeaten on the year, with back to back wins in the mud (Foot Locker Midwest Nov. 27).

the meet
Nike Team Nationals

Portland Meadows, Portland OR, Dec. 4

DyeStat on-site coverage

Sean McNamara leads York IL to decisive victory over Fayetteville-Manlius NY.
Divine right of queens: Saratoga wins
Complete results & splits - BOYS - GIRLS

Rich Gonzalez' NTN report
Never before had such breathtaking storylines played out quite like this: Champion met champion. Talent met technology. And for the first time ever, America met its true number ones.

FoxSportsNet TV schedule, courtesy of Walt Murphy:

December 8
3:00pm--Detroit, Florida, New England, Ohio, Pittsburgh, South
4:00pm--Chicago, Midwest, North
5:00pm--Arizona, Rocky Mountains
6:00pm--Bay Area, Northwest, West

December 10
1:00pm--New York

Scores of photos coming

York Elmhurst IL 92
Fayetteville-Manliis NY 127
Mead Spokane WA 147
Royal Simi Valley CA 173
Mountain View Orem UT 206
Saratoga Springs NY 51
Smoky Hill Aurora CO 125
Yankton SD 154
Bellarmine Prep Tacoma WA 211
Fremont Plain City UT 221

photo by Brian Myers, PhotoRun

Thanks to the new Finish Lynx scoring system, with team scores and standings every 1000 meters, the crowd could follow the team battle on 23-foot screens. The system also fed coaches (left) the data on Palm Pilots. In the boys race, the Harrier Crusaders OR (Jesuit) were out early, but Stotan NY (Fayetteville-Manlius) took the lead after 2,000 meters. York Elmhurst IL responded in the third segment but had only a 5-point lead with 1,000 meters to go. It seemed that a furious finish loomed. But York pulled away for a convincing win behind individual winner Sean McNamara. Matt Dettman's fourth place finish was a key for York as the Illinois crew and others pushed F-M's 3-4-5 runners back.

There was no suspense in the girls race after Saratoga put their four Foot Locker finalists in the top six after 1,000 meters. Ramsay Kavan of South Dakota settled the individual race early as well, with Brie Felnagle WA closing fast to beat Saratoga's Nicole Blood for second. Next were Smoky Hill CO's Foot Locker finalists -- Katelyn Kaltenbach and Keara Sammons -- finishing together in 4th and 5th place.

they said it at NTN . . .
NTN quotes and photos by Don Rich, Northeast regional editor

  • Bill Aris, coach of Fayetteville-Manlius NY (runner-up to York IL)
    • "I believe York would be an outstanding team on any type of course."
    • This [NTN] is the best thing to happen to high school cross country, and maybe to high school athletics. It shows vision."
  • F-M junior Andrew McCann: (left) "There were so many great teams in the race. It wasn't an upset. I'm never going to forget it. This is probably going to be the best year of my life, I can tell you that right now. Next year we're going to have a new group of Stotans -- another great team."
  • Jared Burdick, the only senior on F-M: "This [NTN] is definitely the cherry on top of the sundae."
  • Linda Kranick, coach, Saratoga NY girls, US#1 for 11 of last 13 years :
    • "Our kids are just regular kids like the kids on every other team."
    • "What this meet has done for cross country running is unbelievable."
  • Pat Caulfield, Cedar Cliff PA runner: "This [NTN] is epic for cross country."
Leo Collins reports:
2-legged thoroughbreds and high technology
on display at Portland Meadows.

It was a wonderful experience for both fans and competitors. there were no gloomy faces to be seen after the race had ended. Everyone seemed to know they had taken part in something special.
Choosing the best is not an easy task & this was a brilliant step in the right direction.
A Jesuit Portland runner: "This season has been the most fun. It's all about team!"
DONNA ON THE SIDE - Getting Ready


26th running of the premier elite individual cross country meet
Balboa Park, San Diego, Dec 11
DyeStat on-site coverage

Foot Locker qualifiers at NTN - Bernard Lagat surprises Sandy Roberts of North Carolina with a phone call

West - Dec 4 at Mt. SAC, Walnut CA
the meet's web site - RESULTS -

Kenny who? Arizona champion Kenny Cormier improves 79 seconds over 2003 to win West regional. Conquering Mt. SAC was easy as sipping a smoothie for Marie Lawrence, Zoe Nelson and Alma Escobar. Twelve California runners qualify. Erik Boal's story

Marie Lawrence NV and Ken Cormier AZ
photos by Bill Leung
1. Ken Cormier AZ 15:39
2. Yosef Ghebray CA 15:44
3. Diego Mercado CA 15:46
4. Mark Matusak CA 15:49
5. A.J. Acosta CA 15:50
6. Kenny Klotz OR 15:52
7. Riley Booker CA 15:53
8. Jake Schmitt CA 15:56
9. Brian McKenna UT 16:04
10. Mikel Thomas CA 16:07
1. Marie Lawrence NV 17:56
2. Zoe Nelson MT 18:14
3. Alma Escobar CA 18:16
4. Brook Lademan CA 18:20
5. Lauren Saylor CA 18:21
6. Kauren Tarver CA 18:27
7. Natasha Lebeaud CA 18:32
8. Tori Tyler CA 18:42
9. Lauren Ho HI 18:43
10.Elli Reed UT 18:50
Qualifying for Foot Locker at NTN
The expansion of Foot Locker national finals to 10 per region, with the two extra slots coming from the top two individuals from Foot Locker regions at NTN, created a meet within the meet in Portland. Some Foot Locker alternates from the Midwest, Northeast and South regions had a second chance to get to San Diego Dec. 11. Read the meet within the meet to see how it all shaped up.


In the Northeast, a consolation prize for Fayetteville-Manlius as Tommy Gruenewald and Andrew McCann qualify.

From the Midwest, York's Sean McNamara in 1st and Matthew Dettman in 4th take the two auto spots.

In the South, Bedsole's 8th place vaults Sandy Roberts NC from 9th at South regional to San Diego. Ben Schulz, Woodlands, with 12th place finish, takes other FL spot and will make it 11 Foot Locker finals appearances for Woodlands runners, most of any school in the nation.

From the west, Brandon Bethke, El Toro CA, with 2nd; and Robbie Barany, Eisenhower WA, in 3rd, capture two auto qualifiers.


Because Blood and Davidson finish 1-2 for the Northeast Region, alternates Chantelle Dron and Brittany Sedberry are going to San Diego again!

With Ramsey Kavan 1st, Kaltenbach 4th and Sammons 5th, both Midwest alternates Rebekah Smeltzer MI and Molly Waterhouse MI will join them.

In the South, because Brooke Upshaw qualified at regionals, Carlene Mayfield TX is in as the 1st alternate... while Upshaw's teammate Miranda Walker is joining her in San Diego after finishing 14th today.

From the west, Crystal Reed CA and Brianna Felnagle WA are the automatic qualifiers. .

the race within a race
Foot Locker qualifiers at NTN -
Bernard Lagat surprises Sandy Roberts

Sandy Roberts of Broughton HS, Raleigh, NC, (at right in the Foot Locker South regional Nov 27) was hoping to get a call from someone in Portland Saturday learning whether or not he had qualified for Foot Locker Nationals. He did not expect to receive it from Bernard Lagat. "I was blown away," Roberts said a few hours later. "He's one of the greatest runners of all time." story by Steve Underwood

Midwest on-site coverage by John & Donna Dye and Steve Underwood
Complete Results -
Jeff See edges Levi Fox in a Buckeye duel; Ramsay Kavan (L) moves up from 2nd to 1st this year as four Colorado girls and Ohio's Brittany Tinsley follow her.

Northeast - on-site coverage by Don Rich
Complete Results - Don Rich report - Ed Grant report -
Slide shows:
Girls Seeded Race - Boys Seeded Race

Nicole Blood leads a record 4 Saratoga NY girls into finals and "best ever" talk heats up again; Chris Barnicle wins "an absolute war" by 7 seconds with next eight runners in a 7-second blanket.

Chris Barnicle Q&A "I didn't use my crazy kick or anything like that. I'll save that for San Diego."

South - on-site coverage by Ricky Quintana
Complete Results -
Ricky Quintana's report -- two of South's all time best prove their mettle with two sensational performances

Andy Bumbalough 14:32 takes 11 seconds off Alan Webb's course record; Jenny Barringer (r) wins second straight South regional.

.DyeStat Elite update
2,853 XC performances

DyeStat Elite listings as of 11/30 have 2,853 performances at 3 miles and 5k. See national leaders in the Nike List in left hand column of this page. Nov 30 DyeStat Elite - How to Get Ranked -


College Choices 2005

The first 155 college choices by the class of 2005 are listed by college and state in College Choices 2005 lists.


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The Harrier
by Marc Bloom

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NCAA Championships

"DyeStat grads" fuel sweep
by Colorado

left, Brent Vaughn and Bret Schoolmeester, recent Colorado high school stars, finished 4th and 5th for the University of Colorado's champion men.

Liza Pasciuto's

Freshman Liza Pasciuto's remarkable surge to 13th was the key to Colorado's win in the women's race.


photo by Mike Leary

The Harrier Super 25
New York still holds #1 spots in new rankings

Nov 23 -- The Harrier magazine Super 25 rankings released today, based on results through Nov 21, continue Fayetteville-Manlius NY boys and Saratoga Springs NY girls as the #1 high school cross country teams in the country. New in the top 10 are Christian Brothers Academy NJ boys, Marshall MN boys, Dana Hills CA boys, Ventura CA girls, Roxbury NJ girls, and Smoky Hill Aurora CO girls (with the expected return of defending Foot Locker national champ Katelyn Kaltenbach from injury). Super 25 national team rankings


1.Fayetteville-Manlius NY (1)
2.York Elmhurst IL (2)
3.Ferris Spokane WA (5)
4.The Woodlands TX (3)
5.Royal Simi Valley CA (4)
6.Jesuit Portland OR (6)
7.Christian Bros Academy NJ (12)
8.Cedar Cliff PA (7)
9.Marshall MN (11)
10.Dana Hills CA (14)

1.Saratoga Springs NY (1)
2.Ventura CA (14)
3.West Plains MO (2)
4.Flathead MT (4)
5.Smoky Hill Aurora CO (15)
6.Kingwood TX (5)
7.Clarkston MI (3)
8.Yankton SD (7)
9.Roxbury NJ (NR)
10.Bowling Green OH (10)


results and other news posted through Dec 1

1 Northeast CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT

  • Ed Grant's New Jersey Week - NJ represented in first Nike Team Nationals; Bobby Papazian makes Foot Locker nationals, Brittany Sedberry on the bubble

2 Southeast AL, DE, FL, GA, MD, NC, SC, KY, TN, VA, WV, DC, PR

  • All meets concluded.

3 South AR, LA, MS, OK, TX

  • All meets concluded.

4 Midwest IL, IN, MI, OH, WI

  • All meets concluded.

5 Heartland IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, ND, SD

  • All meets concluded.

6 Southwest AZ, CO, NV, NM, UT

  • All meets concluded.

7 Northwest AK, HI, ID, MT, OR, WA, WY

  • NEW Idaho State Meet - Fastest of day at 6,000 feet altitude are Bear Lake sr Dallas Eborn 16:31 and Eagle jr Hilary McClendon 19:39. Highlights by Brett Hill. Story by Julian Aguirre.

8 California

Royal Simi Valley and Dana Hills boys and Ventura and Fountain Valley girls nail down NTN bids with 1-2 performances at California State Meet.

Brandon Bethke 15:06 is fastest boy of day over A. J. Acosta 15:11.

Royal Simi Valley boys affirm CA#1 and US#5 rank with 65-point score over powerful Dana Hills. photo by Rich Gonzalez

California photos by Bill Leung

Ventura girls, named US#2 in Marc Bloom's latest Super 25, are called California's best team in 20 years and maybe the best ever after runaway victory in Div 1.

Serrano freshman Kauren Tarver, one of the brightest new lights in California this year, wins Div 2 in 17:48.




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