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Seton Hall Games

Dec 27-28, 1999 at Seton Hall U., South Orange NJ

BOYS: Lawrence Ewers 22.37 (MR) and 49.49; Julio German 4:27.39 mile; Dwight Ruff 7.50 55H (US#1)
GIRLS: Natasha Staton 25.21(US#1) and 56.79 (US#1); Ara Towns 7.14 55M; Boys and Girls 4x800 09:34.38; Amina Zhony 5:21.61 mile
Highlights:  Day 1 - Day 2
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Day 2 Highlights


Day 1 Highlights

Anthony Ewers and Natasha Staton roll up impressive doubles 

Lawrence NY sr Ewers followed up his sensational Bishop Loughlin Games performance (#2 all time US 300 meters 33.27) by running a meet record 22.39 in the 200 (breaking Ato Modibo's 1997 record by 0.06) and doubling in the 400 in a relaxed 49.49.  Ewers, who had a sub-47 relay split at the Loughlin Games, said he took it easy in the 400 to save himself for Tuesday's 4x400.  His team will need all it can muster then against Camden NJ, which ran 3:20.61 in an all comers meet at the New York Armory Sunday.  

William Penn PA sr Staton started with a dominating 25.21 win in the 200 meters in the morning and doubled in a photo finish lean over Marie Giles of Bethel VA in the 400 meters in the afternoon, 56.79 to 56.85.  In between, Staton had the fastest qualifying time in the 55 meters, but ended a close third in the finals to Ara Towns of Bethel VA 7.14 and Teyarnte Carter of Long Reach MD.

The boys mile was not as fast as expected, but was entertaining nevertheless with multiple lead changes, ending with Julio German outkicking Marc Crosswell by less than a second in 4:27.39.  Amina Zhony of Columbia NJ was an easy girls mile winner in 5:21.61.



General Information



Invitational Indoor Track & Field Meet

High School Division

Monday, December 27 & Tuesday, December 28, 1999

Brennan Recreation Center & Field House


Thanks again to all of you whose participation and cooperation have made the Seton Hall Games one of the best scholastic indoor meets in the country.

This is a national sanctioned high school meet.  All athletes must represent their high school, and all entries must be signed by the high school principal.

This Meet has been designed to offer an elite competitive opportunity during the holiday season.  We’d like to give athletes a chance to run P.R.’s on a fast track which will give them an opportunity to make the prestigious National and All-State lists, or qualify for other elite meets.  Following is general information about the meet, a tentative schedule of events and an entry form.  Please read carefully and note the changes that have been made.


General Information

Please read and follow these directions carefully.  Failure to meet deadlines or follow proper procedures may result in the rejection of your entry.

ENTRY:  The entry deadline is December 15, 1999. All entries received after that date will be returned.  Entry fees must accompany entry form.  Entry fee is $7.00 per athlete per event in individual events.  All relays are $20.00.  Entry fees are not refundable.  Please make check payable to SETON HALL TRACKNO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Due to the numerous amount of personal checks that were returned “Insufficient Funds” we can no longer accept personal checks for payment of entry fee.  Changes in your entry day of meet may be allowable according to entry numbers and time.  No changes in seeded sections will be allowed.  There is a $10.00 charge for every change made on the day of the meet in addition to the normal entry fee.

FACILITY:  The Brennan Field House has a brand new 5-lane super fast 200 multi-colored Mondo track.  Please note only 1/8” pin spikes will be allowed in all track and jumping events.  We cannot allow larger spikes or “crown” or “pyramid” spikes.  All racing and jumping shoes will be checked at the starting line.  All field events will be contested on the same Mondo surface.  Because of the very limited spectator area, we ask that you do not bring non-competitors.  Warm-ups will be restricted to the infield area or outdoors.  No warm-ups will be allowed on the track once running events have begun.

FIELD SIZE: Also, due to limited seating area, the meet management reserves the right to limit field size to approximately thirty athletes.  Fields will be filled on a first-come/first-serve basis.  Therefore, it is possible, though not probable, that some entries receive on time may still have to be rejected. Enter early to avoid this.

AWARDS: Track bags will be awarded to all 1st place finishers and T-shirts will be awarded to 2nd place finishers in the individual running and field events.  Watches will be given as a 1st place award for the featured boys and girl’s 1 mile and 400 meter run.  The relay portion of the Seton Hall Games will be scored on a 10-8-6-4-3-2-1 scoring system.  Track bags and T-shirts will be awarded to all four members of the 1st and 2nd place relay teams in each event.  *Only the 1st place team in the boys & girls’ Freshman/Sophomore 4 X 400m will receive awards.

After tabulating the scores of the six relay events, a team trophy will be awarded to the winning girl’s team and the winning boy’s team.  Freshman/Sophomore 4X400m does not count in team scoring. 

As an added bonus, all winning relay teams of 1999 will have THAT particular relay event fee waived for the 2000 Seton Hall Games.

*** There must be at least two teams in the relay for that event to run.  No “B” teams will  score.

QUALIFYING STANDARDS: Qualifying standards for all events are listed with the enclosed tentative schedule of events.  Performances must be verified within the last year.  Only those athletes with documented performances will be placed in seeded sections.  Relay splits are not acceptable for entry performances.  Please do not attempt to enter athletes who have not met the qualifying standards.  Seed times and actual performances will be considered in next years’ invitation process.


MISCELLANEOUS:  The Seton Hall Games are conducted under N.J.S.I.A.A. and National sanctions. 

FEATURED EVENTS: This years “Featured Events” will be both the Boy’s and Girl’s 400-Meter Dash and Mile Runs.  You will notice that the 3000m is the only individual running event scheduled for Thursday.  This has been done so that the top distance runners have the opportunity to run both distance races.  Watches will only be awarded to the winners of the “Featured Events”.

The Seton Hall Games have been named by the Millrose Games Committee as one of the qualifying events for their prestigious Jumbo Elliott Mile for high school boys and girls.  We believe this is the fastest and most convenient venue for such qualifying attempts, and therefore, we anticipate very strong fields for both mile races. 

The meet will be timed by the Finishlynx system in all events.  We will record the top six performances in all final events.  You may want to note your athletes’ performances after those positions. 

Each school will be held responsible for the behavior and cooperation of its individual athletes.  Sportsmanship and cooperation problems will affect your next year’s invitation.



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